10 Reasons Why You Should Be Microsoft Azure Certified In 2021

Microsoft Azure certification is one of the most in-demand courses in the current times. With the rise of digital transformation in the past few years, the technology of computing has been revolutionized and is currently thriving with employment opportunities.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform that offers various cloud computing services. The Azure certification path includes virtual computing, analytics, networking, storage, and databases, which help businesses develop and manage their operations efficiently. 

What Is Microsoft Azure Certification?

You need to pass the Microsoft Azure exam to obtain a Microsoft Azure certification. Therefore, you have to train to clear the exam. To do that, enrolling in a Microsoft Azure course is crucial as it will guide you through the process and knowledge required to become a certified Microsoft Azure user. 

The Azure certifications list is as follows- 

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect AZ-303 and AZ-304
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer AZ-500

01. What Is The Fundamental Azure Certificate? 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is the stepping stone for getting into the world of learning Microsoft Azure. It is an entry-level certification that introduces you to the basic fundamental concepts and services provided by Azure.

02. What Is The Azure Solutions Architect Certificate?

Azure Architect certification focuses on the design and technology aspect, wherein you will learn how to implement and design solutions for Microsoft Azure. 

03. What Is The Azure Security Engineer Certificate?

Azure Security certification authenticates the knowledge you have on security implementation, identity, access, and controls. 

10 Benefits Of Getting A Microsoft Azure Certificate 

Microsoft Azure is one of the top cloud-computing software out there. Hence, with the rise in demand for technology, more and more businesses globally are seeking and witnessing the change brought about by Azure.

01. Career Advancement

Cloud computing undoubtedly has to be the fastest-growing industry in 2021, and it will continue to grow in the coming years. With this advancement in technology, possessing cloud computing skills will provide an edge that will boost your career path and salary. 

02. More Job Opportunities

According to Oracle’s yearly report, the cloud will take over 80% of the workload by 2025. Thus, more and more job opportunities will be available for people who have Microsoft Azure certificates on their resumes. 

03. Learn Cloud Computing Skills

Cloud computing will be an essential skill to have under your belt. In addition, companies worldwide are shifting to this web-based system, so having a Microsoft Azure certificate will be very beneficial.

04. Have Career Flexibility

Having skills like that of Microsoft Azure enables one to pursue various career options across every industry. Thus, giving you a versatile candidate for a wide range of jobs. 

05. Get Better In Artificial Intelligence

Cloud computing skills are closely interlinked with Artificial Intelligence. If you are looking to advance your knowledge in AI or get acquainted with AI, getting an Azure certificate will be a great way to start.

06. Get A Structured Learning

Users can learn how to use a wide range of tools easily in Azure through the structured learning system of Azure, eliminating the need to understand different tools to use them.

07. In Sync With The Trends

Being compatible and meeting the current market trends will open doors to several possibilities for your career. Plus, the Azure learning path is regularly updated accordingly. 

08. Improve In .NET Platform Integration

.NET programs can have an edge by obtaining azure certification as it will provide additional opportunities in the integration field. 

09. Displays Commitment

Microsoft Azure is not an easy course to get a certification in. Hence, you have to show immense commitment and dedication to learning it and will help instil the quality of consistency, determination, and responsibility in your life. 

10. Get Acquainted With The Niche

For someone just starting in cloud computing or computer technology on a basic level, learning Microsoft Azure and getting a certification will instantly provide one with all the necessary insights and fundamentals of this niche.


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