3 World-Class Aquariums to Visit in New South Wales

The world beneath our feet on land is full of spectacle and mystery. Even if thousands of research and explorations have been done, the totality of what’s below there is still unrevealed to humans. Only a tiny percentage is discovered, and the rest is unknown. Another little fraction of that tiny percentage is presented to us by giant aquariums. Yes, the ones people, often schools, friends and families, visit to learn more and be mesmerized about underwater glories while standing on dry ground.    

Aquariums are very much loved, first, because of the priceless knowledge and view of aquatic creatures that they offer people. Second, the extraordinary experience is unforgettable. Third but definitely not the last reason, the stress-relieving advantages are greater than what you think if you haven’t gone to an aquarium yet.

In Australia’s New South Wales, there are a number of amazing animal sanctuaries to visit with the whole family or with your friendship squad. There, you can encounter wildlife on a whole new level and bring home memories you won’t trade for anything! Check out these 3 world-class aquariums to visit in New South Wales.

1 – Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters

Sharing tons of their marine awareness and expertise, Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters is passionate about conserving aquatic life and encouraging people to join their cause. Located in Jessie Road, Anna Bay, this aquarium is definitely worth driving long hours to.

Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters enlightens visitors about underwater creatures, ocean ecosystems and also the problems faced by them. A part of their goal is to combat what destroys the beautiful waters and the lives in it. Through this understanding, they raise awareness to incite a call to action, which is needed to gather everyone’s hands to help each other and save the planet together. 

Best Aquariums in Australia - Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters

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In this top-rate aquarium, visitors like you will observe and will be captivated by the animals moving around, yet you can interact with them as well. A guided shark encounter tour will enable you to dive into the world of these sea creatures. Getting closer to nature it is indeed!

Interact with stingrays and sharks face-to-face. You can swim and play with them, pet and feed them while experts are assisting you. The animals are nice and friendly, so your scaredy self will be assured. It’s a super exciting and educational experience for your family bondings and even for your action-packed romantic getaways!

Sea Shelter’s rescued creatures are nurtured in Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters as their rehabilitation is ongoing. Volunteers will make you glad to know that there are humans who dearly care for the ocean and its living blessings like it is their own lives. The staff in Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters will never leave you empty-handed of fascinating discoveries and of the desire of contributing to their ecological advocacy.

2 – John Lake Centre – Narrandera Fisheries Centre

Located in Buckingbong Road, Gillenbah, John Lake Centre – Narrandera Fisheries Centre focuses on solid research and aquaculture facilities. Built in 1962, it has been an ace in local fish breeding, preservation, environmental polls and studies, NSW rivers management and community information.

Best Aquariums in Australia - John Lake Centre - Narrandera Fisheries Centre

Photo credit: Visit NSW

John Lake Centre exhibits an aquarium with numerous aquatic species including Murray cod, Murray cray, trout cod, silver perch, golden perch, the long neck turtle and the purple spotted gudgeon. With the permission and guidance of the Centre’s professionals, you can get a close interaction with these creatures. Feeding the fish is one of the favorite activities of visitors. Another special feature is the theatrette where guests can gain more comprehension about breeding and conservation. 

When it comes to high-end marine study equipment, infrastructure and laboratories, the John Lake Centre cannot be at the end of the list. They are up-to-date, and they keep innovating. To fulfill their research goals, they make sure that all their facilities let them achieve those. 

The peaceful and lovely lawns are made for guests. After filling up your eyes with great aquarium sights and your mind with wonderful finds, you can fill up your tummy with yummy food. You can spend quiet and delightful barbecues and picnics. What’s more, the Centre is accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

This aquarium is perfect for geeks and for those very much interested to obtain in-depth knowledge on fisheries. Whether it’s for solo travels, family trips or romantic getaways that you’re visiting, John Lake Centre – Narrandera Fisheries Centre is for both fascinating fun and fascinating learning! 

3 – Merimbula Aquarium

It’s an aquarium that will wow you! There’s a restaurant surrounded by ocean views too. It’s Merimbula Aquarium in Lake Street, Merimbula.

They have countless oceanic creatures being nourished and taken care of. Fish, sharks, shrimps, octopuses, crabs and more — they are making the place oh-so-magnificent and colorful. Merimbula Aquarium has the Oceanarium, which holds 70,000 litres of water, housing enormous sharks and fish. It’s jaw-dropping! Plus, 28 more tanks are there too!

Merimbula Aquarium

Photo credit: Miss Tourist

The popular activity for guests is fish feeding. It makes both the humans and the fish excited and active; but truthfully, the maritime animals get more sprightly because it’s their eating time. Furthermore, you will learn more about the fish you’re interacting with, while staff adept in aquatic information educates you.

Head to the Wharf Restaurant after a long day of excitement and education. Embraced by a 180-degree view of underwater life, this restaurant makes your day and your meal a hundred times better. Lunch menu has mouth-watering seafood. Talk about tasty beverages, wines, luscious desserts, ice creams and cakes, they have it for sure. It feels like you’re still strolling around the aquarium site, but the thing is you’re seated, relaxed and eating well in the Wharf Restaurant. Drop by their gifts and souvenir store before you go home!

If you are visiting Merimbula Aquarium for your weekend bondings, romantic getaways or special celebrations, know that gift vouchers and annual passes can be purchased. You might be able to save and avail of discounts or limited promos using them.

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