Camping is the most preferred activity, especially with your friends and family. Camping can be really exciting if the location is as beautiful as imagined. Ever have you thought of Camping in Maharashtra? Here are a few camping sites that you should visit at least once when you go to Maharashtra. There are many beautiful campsites so it is really difficult to conclude with only the 5 best locations. But the below 5 are the top-rated camping destinations of Maharashtra. These sites surely need your attention. Those are Bhatsa dam, Tikona, Shirgaon beach, Pawna Lake, and Dahanu.


Pawna Lake is the most beautiful and attractive campsite location in Maharashtra. Lonavala is a great tourist attraction, Pawna Lake adds beauty and value to Lonavala increasing tourists’ excitement. This is an extremely promising site surrounded by lush greeneries, stoopy hills, and a beautiful lake. It is a complete paradise. The best time to visit this place is from October to December and January to June. Pawna Lake offers a huge range of activities to be performed on a night stay, such as trekking, jamming, bonfire, stargazing, paragliding, Bhaja caves, dinosaurs park, etc. So, if you are looking for a destination to escape your busy and hectic schedule and have a peaceful and memorable weekend then Pawna is the answer.


It is a beautiful campsite situated 120km far from Mumbai, 45km from Pune, and 29km from Lonavala. Tikona is situated in Lonavala, in the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the cleanest and least polluted lakes in Maharashtra. It is a triangular-shaped mountain surrounded by many breathtaking views. This lake will give you enormous reasons to visit and enjoy its beauty. Here are many options for outdoor activities such as trekking and boating. Gazing at the moon with a bonfire around you will be as beautiful as it sounds. The preferred season to visit this place is winter and monsoon.


It is a coastal village situated along the coast of the Arabian sea. It is the loveliest campsite in Maharashtra. It is situated at a distance of 105km from Mumbai and 150km from Pune. It has so many things that attract tourists, such as remarkable Bharot caves, Kalpataru botanical lawn covered with leafage, etc. People also admire sitting under the stars, bonfires, jamming, outdoor activities, and many more.  The best time to visit this campsite is the monsoon because of the pleasant climate conditions.


This campsite is filled with calmness and stillness. It is also recognized as the top camping destination in Maharashtra. It serves as a major fishing ground in Maharashtra. Distance between Pune to Shirgaon is 240km which takes around 3 hours 30 mins to drive from Pune. The distance from Mumbai to Shirgaon is 80 kilometres.The biggest advantage of this campsite is you can travel here throughout the year. But it is preferred to ignore it during Monsoon. Here are various activities that can be done by the travelers such as boating, trekking, camping, swimming, camel and ATV bike riding, etc.


It is a huge dam situated at a distance of 90km from Mumbai. This region is flooded by tourists during the monsoon season. This is a large man-made dam where you can rejoice in your presence and its beauty. It is the therapy everyone is looking for far away from the chaos of cities. It is a peaceful location where you can spend your weekend.

These were the few best-camping destinations in Maharashtra that top the list because of their beauty and the list of fun activities that it offers. Maharashtra is blessed with this beautiful must-go-to location that you should visit at least once to make your weekend memorable and enjoyable.

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