5 Classy items women prefer to use in their Engagement

Engagement and marriage are big days in the life of every woman and even men. Everyone wants to make sure the entire arrangement of the day is done flawlessly. From flowers and décor to pieces of jewelry- it is of utmost importance that every detail is done perfectly. Especially when it comes to the bride-to-be’s dress and jewelry- everyone is particularly attentive. To look perfect on the day, here we have shared classic jewelry and accessory tips to dress up. From princess cut diamond engagement rings to beautiful bracelets and brooches- read on to find out about five jewelry pieces that are suitable for the engagement evening.

Diamond engagement rings

The engagement ring is the most important part of the ceremony. The event remains incomplete without it. Hence, you must choose the design carefully. There is a variety of diamond shapes, cuts, and designs to choose from. The classic design for engagement rings is solitaires, trinity, and a variety of others are there. The key is to choose a design based on the size of your diamond. For example, a very tiny diamond would not look too good as a solitaire.

Tennis Bracelets

Another very popular choice of jewelry for the event is a diamond tennis bracelet. These are very subtle bracelet designs that are suitable for a minimalist look. The tennis bracelet is also comfortable to wear and does not get stuck anywhere. They are also fashionable and versatile jewelry pieces that can complement any look. This is why tennis bracelets are the preferred jewelry pieces among women for their big day.


Brooch is a necessity in certain dresses. But the last thing you want is a regular safety pin poking out of any fold of your dress. This is where the brooch becomes the perfect choice. You can get brooches made with precious stones as well. Many jewelry stores can even create bespoke designs for brooches based on your ring and other jewelry designs.

Tiara/ hair comb

The big day remains incomplete without an elegant hair accessory complementing your hairstyle. A tiara or a hair comb and other such hair embellishments are ideal for the big day. look for simple and elegant designs for such accessories. Women particularly look for hair accessories that go well with hair updos and other styles and can be worn later as well.


The most extravagant accessory or jewelry piece to get for your engagement is the necklace. There are various types of necklace designs that you can choose for the big day. You can also get simpler necklaces or pendants and chains based on the outfit. A choker necklace looks the classiest for the engagement day. Most women prefer such designs as they are convenient and complement any outfit as long as it has a plunge neck design. The key to dressing up perfectly for the evening is to choose the right accessories and pieces of jewelry that complement the outfit. The above-mentioned are some of the best jewelry pieces that are perfect for your engagement day. Make the day special by choosing the best jewelry pieces for the occasion.