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World First 6G Technology

In this era of modernity, everyone is utilizing the Internet, and as innovative technology is developing, the Internet is increasing its dominance in the whole world. It is extremely difficult to survive even a day without the internet, and we are getting used to it in the same way as the generation of the computer network is increasing. Talking about the present time, the net which we are widely using today and which we consider to be the fastest may be seen absolutely slow in the coming timeline. Because our neighboring country China recently fled its first 6G satellite in space.
4G internet is being widely used in India since the year 2016 and this has sparked a revolution in the cyberspace world of India. In 2015, there were about 300 million internet users inside India, but ever since 4G has entered the internet world, the countless number of internet users in India is increasing, and today it has reached almost more than 700 million. In such a unique situation, what possible effect can 5G and 6G Technology have in India in the coming time?

China’s First 6 G Satellite

On November 6th of the year 2020, China launched Earth’s first 6G satellite into space. The mission was carried out by an operational rocket named Long March 6. This successful mission was really enough to delightfully surprise every single country in the world because even today many countries have not even heard about the existence of 6G. So, in such a situation, it is understood how important this mission is done by China is going to be for the whole earth in the coming times.

4G and 5G

If we typically look at the active services of the internet running in India, today 4G is excessively much in the modern trend. But the irony is that even today 4G services are unavailable all over India. Leave 6G, there is still a long time for 5G services to come in India. In such a situation, you can understand, how much work we still have to do today; because the astonishing speed at which our neighbor is progressively developing itself should definitely be a needed lesson for us.
5G means the fifth generation of the Internet is in its infancy today. This modern generation of the internet is about 100 times faster than its previous generation i.e. 4G. If we consider 5G, it is much more advanced and modern than 4G in every sense, and its operational method is also many times more efficient.
5G basically operates in 30 to 300 Gigahertz wave frequency which is 10 to 100 times higher than the web frequency of 4G. 5G technology can never be operated at the 4G frequency. But many smartphone companies provide the upper end of the 4G spectrum and give it the name of 5G, which is wrong.

Meaning of “G”?

The “G” word is given by a global partnership “3GPP” which means Generation. There is no formal confirmation about 6G by 3GPP. Although! In the coming time, 5G will be replaced by a new 6G, but what kind of network will that 6G be, we are yet to know.

Application and advantages of 6G satellite

The official name of the 6G satellite released by China is “Tianyan-5” and it has been made jointly by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Technology, and Beijing Weina Xingkong Technology. The satellite technology is capable of remote sensing along with proper monitoring of the Earth from space. This capable satellite will also activate the modern High-Frequency Terahertz communication system due to which communication can be done from one place to another very fast.

This 6G satellite can instantly transfer necessary data many times faster than 5G so that everyone will be able to run many times faster internet. As the consumption of smartphones is increasing among people, the direct traffic in the mobile network is also increasing gradually. For this possible reason, higher bandwidths will be genuinely needed in the coming times, so that this increased traffic can be properly controlled. If the service of 6G is made soon, then we will also get a chance to carry out digital works very fast in the possible future.

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