8 Essential Tips To Start A Luxury Watch Collection

What once started as a casual affair has grown into a full-fledged passion, isn’t it? Honestly, we don’t complain. Collecting luxury watches can indeed be a virus (a good one) that is hard to get rid of. You must have started with your fair share of mistakes and hurdles. Each watch has its own story, and the fun thing about the Luxury watch collection is that it shows your genuine love for the object that evolves as you do!

While some have just started on their luxurious journey, others are already building up their watch stock mid-way. No matter in which category you enroll yourself, a few tips are golden!

Is good-looking the only criteria you would want your luxury watch to possess or something more? Why not set yourself up for a good investment? This way, you can sell luxury watches for a good return and then reinvest in some other, and so on. Sounds good?

You’ve already taken the first step, deciding to start a luxury watch collection. What’s next?

8 ‘Must-Follow’ Tips to Start a Watch Collection

1. What is your end goal?

You want to start a collection, great! But, where do you see it in the coming years? Whenever you start something long-term, set some goals to make good and informed decisions.

For instance, if you have a particular luxury watch model and a theme in mind, set a goal. Your passion and taste might evolve over the years. But if you set a goal regarding what you want and when it will help you fetch better results.

2. Do you have a budget?

Initially, you might feel like spending a lot of money. But is that sustainable? As a collector, you have to keep in mind all the aspects of watch collecting. As a beginner, start by focusing on collecting watches that are in good condition. You have ample time to upgrade it later.

Ideally, you should invest in luxury watches that hold their value and even appreciates. For instance, Rolex is a great investment option where you can always sell Rolex watches at a high value in the secondary market.

3. Do Your Research

A very important part of the watch collection process is to conduct proper and thorough research. Beginners wonder where to start. Read the informative watch blogs to find out about the most valuable luxury watch brands, the models, materials, mechanics, and everything else to make a smart investment.

4. What is your lifestyle?

Are you starting the watch collection just for its sake, or do you want to wear and live them as well? If the latter is your case, don’t just think about how much value it will add to your collection. Rather, choose watches that you’ll love repeating.

Think about your lifestyle and then pick a realistic luxury watch to suit it. Whether it is for a corporate meeting or leisure time at the pool, buy wonderful timepieces as per your lifestyle.

5. Pre-Owned Watches for the Win!

Before you raise an eyebrow, listen. There’s a huge cloud of confusion surrounding the world of pre-owned watches. Some think that they are less worthy and are not suitable for investment. Surprisingly, the truth is quite the opposite. You can fetch a few vintages, and other popular luxury watches only in the pre-owned market because of the rarity.

Also, investing in second-hand luxury watches will save you from the initial deprecation. Find a reputed dealer, and you’ll be astonished by how the product turns out!

6. Quality Over Quantity

Curating a nice and impressive luxury watch collection takes time and patience. So, if you want to collect some of the most worthy and desirable watch pieces, we suggest being patient. Always choose quality over quantity to look back and cherish your collection.

If you ask us, Rolex, AP, Patek, and Cartier make some great investment options that have always stood the test of time to be real watch gems.

7. Feel Free To Upgrade

Remember that watch collection is a process. One thing that most collectors forget is not to upgrade their collections. If you start with a limited budget, you must upgrade your collection by selling off the old ones. For instance, if you own a Rolex model whose value has skyrocketed. Wouldn’t it be wise to sell your Rolex and get a new upgraded model?

8. Take Good Care

Owning luxury watches is not the only thing. It is equally important that you take good care of it. Remember to service your watch at regular intervals to retain its quality. Also, try and keep them in boxes to avoid any damage.


All in all, you decide to start a luxury watch collection, which is great! But, if you ask us, we suggest investing in timepieces that will hold value so that you can sell them anytime to fetch a good amount. Rolex and other brands are best to start a collection as you can always sell Rolex watches for a higher price to watch buyers in London.

Rest do your research, and most importantly, keep your taste in mind to make the best pick!