8 Genius Things You Should Do After Buying a Vehicle

Congratulations on your new vehicle purchase! Now that you have your truck taking good care of it is important. Your truck is a major investment, so putting in the effort to maintain it well will help ensure years of safe and reliable use. This article outlines eight genius things you should do after buying a vehicle to keep your truck in tip-top shape.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

One of the smartest things you can do as a new vehicle owner is to establish a regular maintenance schedule. Many experts suggest that every vehicle must have a 6-month service period. Follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual for timely oil changes, tire rotations, and other service needs. Keep a logbook to track when maintenance was last performed. You should also note down all the checks you take on during the appointment as you will see in the next paragraph.

Necessary Maintenance Checks

Many mechanics and vehicle accessory stores also sell logbooks and planners for recording oil changes, filter replacements, and other servicing information. For added convenience, use a maintenance scheduling app. Keeping to the recommended maintenance schedule for your truck model will ensure optimal performance and help prevent costly repairs down the road. You would rather pay for regular checks compared to a full new vehicle, wouldn’t you?

Invest in Cleaning Products

A clean truck is a happy truck. Invest in a quality truck cleaning kit with products designed specifically for automotive cleaning and for your truck’s surfaces. Essentials include specialized detergents, rain repellants, trim restorers, buffing pads, microfiber towels, and a caddy to hold everything. Keeps your truck cleaning kit on hand to make washing and detailing your truck quick and painless. A clean, shiny truck maintained with the right truck cleaning kit will look its best and hold more resale value over time.

Install Protective Accessories

Protective accessories help shield your truck from damage and the elements. Consider installing bed liners, mud flaps, bug shields, rim savers, and hood deflectors. High-quality protective accessories from companies like RED HAWK, RPM, or Cramer last longer and are easier to install. When hauling cargo and debris, bed liners protect truck beds from scratches and dents. Mud flaps and bug shields prevent damage to truck exteriors from dirt, stones, and insects. Make installing protective accessories a priority so your truck looks new even with everyday use.

Learn Basic DIY Maintenance

Learning some basic do-it-yourself maintenance skills is useful for any vehicle owner. Check your owner’s manual to see what routine maintenance you can perform, like checking fluid levels, changing air filters, or rotating tires. Watch online video tutorials to prepare yourself before attempting more complex tasks like changing a tire or jump-starting a dead battery. Always exercise caution to avoid injury. Even if you don’t plan to do most maintenance yourself, knowing the basics will make you a smarter consumer and allow you to handle simple issues independently should the need arise.

Upgrade Your Entertainment System

An upgraded entertainment system makes driving your truck that much more enjoyable. Install a high-quality audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, or satellite radio. Sony, Pioneer, JVC, and Kenwood are reputable brands for in-dash receivers, speakers, subwoofers, and digital media interfaces compatible with most vehicle makes and models. Bluetooth connectivity allows for hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming from your smartphone. Satellite radio provides commercial-free music and entertainment. An upgraded sound system transforms your daily commute into an immersive experience and enhances the overall feel of your vehicle.

Secure Your Truck

Securing your new investment should be a priority for any new vehicle owner. To deter thieves, consider installing an advanced security system with extras like GPS tracking, starter disable, and alarm monitoring. A steering wheel or brake pedal lock provides another level of protection for turning off your truck. Park in a locked garage whenever possible. Never leave the keys in the ignition or truck unattended. Be wary of items like license plate frames, novelty plates, or decals that could make your truck an easy target. Small investments in truck security now may prevent dealing with stolen or vandalized vehicles later.

Customize Your Truck

Once you have the essentials handled, consider customizing your truck to suit your needs and style. Add a lift kit for higher ground clearance, upgrade to performance tires, or install new wheels for a sportier look. Consider tinted windows for privacy or a bed cover for gear-hauling needs. Audio system upgrades, leather interiors, or stylized grilles and trim can personalize your truck’s interior and exterior. Any modifications should be carefully researched to ensure compatibility with your specific truck’s make and model. Customizing a new vehicle allows you to make it uniquely your own.


A new vehicle is an exciting purchase, but it requires responsibility to care for your investment properly. Implementing a smart maintenance schedule, keeping your truck clean, installing protective accessories, learning basic repairs, upgrading the entertainment system, securing your truck, and customizing it to your needs will keep your new truck running well and looking its best for years. Pay attention now to get the most value and enjoyment from your vehicle later on down the road. Take pride in your new truck by doing the necessary work to keep it running smoothly and turn it into a stylish head-turner. Following these genius tips after buying a new vehicle will give you confidence and peace of mind in your truck ownership for the long haul.