8 Luxury Resorts Near Bangalore For A Lavish Weekend

Luxury Resorts Near Bangalore – Bangalore is known as one of the country’s IT hubs, and a large number of people visit the city each year to work, but many other factors contribute to the city’s greatness. This location, which is surrounded by hill stations and numerous weekend getaways, also caters to the needs of travelers and backpackers. 

The Best Resorts in Bangalore are listed below for your convenience. These resorts near Bangalore cover all of the bases for a relaxing vacation. Take a peek at this list of great resorts for your next vacation!

Golden Palms Resort

If you’re thinking about taking a fancy weekend getaway but don’t know where to start, book rooms at this fantastic resort in Bangalore. There is a spa on-site, as well as an in-house restaurant serving delectable South Indian and other Indian cuisines. The rooms provide all of the current amenities, such as wifi, a 24-hour help desk, and so on. 

The Resort at Urban Valley

Near Bangalore, there is a resort called Urban Valley.

This is the spot to go if you’re looking for one of the greatest resorts around Bangalore to spend some quality time with your friends or family. This resort, which is only 45 minutes from Bangalore’s main city, is known for offering and performing a variety of water sports activities such as kayaking and other adventure sports such as zip line, to mention a few. This resort, which has a lake, is frequently used for corporate conventions and other gatherings. If you only have a weekend holiday, this resort near Bangalore will be an excellent choice. 

The Windflower Prakruthi Resort 

The Windflower Prakruthi Resort is located in Prakruthi, India.

The Windflower Prakruthi Resort, one of the most beautiful resorts near Bangalore, is recognized for its large village. It covers more than 7 acres of land and is well-known throughout the country. The wide size is not the only factor that contributes to its popularity; the lovely surroundings are also a factor. This resort is ideal for a weekend trip because it is both decent and fancy. 

Holiday Village Resort.

Holiday Village Resort is a family-owned and operated resort in Bangalore. This resort’s name encapsulates the essence of a perfect vacation. The entire resort was created with the idea of a hamlet and its tranquil atmosphere in mind. The facilities aren’t going to make you feel like you’re in a village, but they do include a lot of modern and basic amenities. 

The resort’s surroundings and backdrop provide a soothing sight for the eyes, mind, and soul. If you’ve been yearning to spend some quality time immersed in nature, this is the spot for you. A great variety of flora may be found at the resort, in addition to fine meals.

RD’s Nature Retreat Resort

RD’s Nature Retreat is a place where you can get away from it all. Resorts around Bangalore are a good way to get away from the congestion and pollution of the city and treat yourself to some peace and tranquility. If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend, RD’s nature retreat should be your first stop this weekend.  In addition to the wonderful rooms, this resort allows you to spend the night in tents under the stars.

Wonderla Resort 

Wonderla resort could be a nice destination for you if you are bored with your everyday routine and wish to have a relaxing weekend. The main draw of this resort is that it has an amusement park, which is also known as Wonderla. This allows you to participate in water park activities

Get Customized Bangalore 

Almost all of the resorts near Bangalore on our list are noted for their stunning exteriors and beautiful environs. The resort we’re talking about, on the other hand, is recognized for its amazing rooms. It is close to the Sarjapur major road and boasts all of the world’s best amenities. It is not only recognized for traditional vacations and holidays, but its dining halls are great for parties and other gatherings.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat Resort 

As the name of the resort implies, this location is ideal for a yoga retreat. The main draw of this resort is the yoga therapy. Ayurvedic rejuvenation package, detox plan, weight management retreat, and many other treatments are just a few of the excellent offerings that this place has to offer. All of this is done to ensure your emotional and physical well-being.

Therefore, Plan a trip and look for these qualities in your resort for your trip will be worth it with these features listed above.