8 ROARsome Design Inspos and Ideas for Your Kid’s Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Cake

Birthday parties filled with awesome fun are made even more exciting by birthday cakes that catch the eyes of everyone. For your tiny tots who are just so in love with the extraordinary world of dinosaurs at an age when children are actually most fascinated by these prehistoric reptiles, there are so many ways to give them a dinosaur-themed birthday cake they’ll surely love!

Well, yes, you know how dinosaurs are the childhood favorites of many kids. Even though they have not yet seen a real dinosaur in real life (and we wouldn’t actually want to see one today), those dinosaur movies and toys have a remarkable appeal. For many little boys, it’s probably because of the big, strong and scary appearance of these dinos as seen from movies where these creatures are animated in a very realistic manner. Meanwhile, for some little girls, it’s probably because of the cute and girly representations of dinosaurs from fun cartoons. 

Whatever the reason is, many kids are superfans of dinos, and that’s why these animals are commonly used as birthday motifs for youngsters. It’s not so difficult to set up a kids’ party styled with everything dinosaur because there are many decorations you can buy with this motif, however, the endlessness of options can make you dizzy if you can’t easily decide. 

As you squeeze your creative juices to make the most terrific birthday celebration for your nippers, don’t forget about one of the main elements: the cake! To lessen your hassle and to help you think of the most ROARsome cake styles, here are 8 design inspos and ideas for your kid’s dinosaur-themed birthday cake.

1 – Eruption in Dino’s Crib

Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Cake

Photo credit: Pinterest

This is the first inspo, but it surely is already jaw-dropping. Kids won’t take their eyes off this dinosaur-themed birthday cake that shows a volcanic eruption in a place where dinosaurs live. 

Place a huge T-rex at the center of the land, and make it look like it’s that big dino’s awakening that caused lava to flow down. 

According to historical and scientific studies, volcanoes may have had an active role in the dominance of dinosaurs back then. If your curious kiddos have not heard of that yet before they see this cake, they will surely be astounded and even more interested to learn more about these life forms that existed before humans!   

2 – Newborn Baby Dino 

Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Cake

Photo credit: The Fairy Cake Mother

Very much opposite to the previous inspo is this super adorable cake designed as a newborn baby dino. Actually, it’s freshly born as you can see that it has just hatched from its egg. Awww, so cute! 

Make the cake’s body itself as the whole broken egg shell where the baby dino comes out from the top in a happy look, like it’s been warmly welcomed into the human world. Put the age of your child in the middle of the egg, so the dino above can enjoy its throne inside its egg. Design the egg with cracks to boost the ‘just hatched’ exterior!  

3 – Dino Cartoon Characters

Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Cake

Photo credit: Bazmineh

Did your child fall in admiration to dinosaurs because of the cartoons they watch where dinos are the kindest and the friendliest buddies of humans? If yes, that paves the way for an even easier design idea for a dinosaur-themed birthday cake! 

Know how these dino cartoon characters look, and have them set as fondant cake toppers. 

Look at the example above, which has Arlo the dino and Spot the kid from Pixar’s movie entitled “The Good Dinosaur”. All the kids and the kids-at-heart in your youngster’s birthday party will immediately recognize famous dino characters on top of his/her cake and will be amazed at how lovely you’ve made the toppers, very similar in visuals with the actual cartoon characters.    

4 – Minimalist Ombre Dinosaur 

Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Cake

Photo credit: Find Your Cake Inspiration

In this day and age, minimalist-styled occasions are very popular. That’s so true even for kids’ birthday parties! If you’re that mom or dad who goes with the trendy or who’s probably a millennial parent, you’d adore this posh and aesthetic ombre dinosaur cake. 

Ombre is the effect where a color moves shades from light to dark or dark to light. Sometimes, it goes from one color to a close-looking color too. There aren’t so many ornaments because the magic of hues do the trick! 

5 – Dino Head 

Photo credit: OkChicas

Another alluring dinosaur-themed birthday cake is here! It’s easy on the eye! What’s more, it’s easier to design and decorate compared to others. 

After working on the cake flour with the icing, the flavoring and the coloring, you can just use the icing pipes to create a simple face on your kiddo’s dino cake! This style goes for the cute and cozy vibe, like those you see on girls’ stationeries and cartoons like Adventure Time. Craft a fondant topper molded as spikes or plates on the back of these prehistoric creatures! That’s the focal point that proves it’s a dinosaur-themed birthday cake!   

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6 – Dainty Dino Land

Amazing birth day cake ideas

Photo credit: Cottontail Cake Studio

Next off, for the comely babies, this dainty dino land will be the perfect birthday cake! 

Veer away from the typical dinosaur color, which is green, and typical shades, which are mostly dark. Like this design idea, make it something like a very soft and soothing dino home, where any kid would love to be in! 

The pastel colors are so gorgeous. Not to mention, all the elements here are custom-made with fondant, including the celebrator’s name in the middle of the cake. And look at how unique this is! The dinos are so busy with their own thing, and the one on top is eating the leaves of the tree that she made it bend. What a smart and swanky cake!     

7- Paper Party

Amazing Birthday Cake ideas

Photo credit: Tua Casa

If you want to lessen the need to make fondant toppers for the DIY birthday cake for your kiddo, you can just print out paper images, like the one above. 

After baking the cake itself and putting some grass on the base in the form of ombre icing, attach the nontoxic paper ornaments on top and on the sides of the cake. It’s apparently simpler to create, and the dino decors are not edible, yet its wow factor is distinctly beautiful too!  

8 – Oh My Roar!   

Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Cake

Photo credit: Peggy Does Cake

Last but not the least is this realistic cake that will shock anyone who passes by it. If the first number showed you a whole eruption in dinoland, this one is dino peeking out of the leaves in the jungle. 

Don’t forget the key points of this design which are his lifelike claws and nails and the eyes too! Just make sure that your child won’t be the one to get scared and cry. This dinosaur-themed birthday cake is suitable even for bigger and older kids!   


Wow! There you have them! Indeed, a dinosaur-themed birthday cake can come in diverse charms. You can have your kid’s cake looking petrifying or looking pretty! Of course, that’s according to what your child likes. Moreover, you can have it customized by a pro cakeshop you trust, or you can do it yourself. For the latter, as long as you have fine baking skills plus ingredients, especially a good-quality cake flour, you will absolutely make a wonderful cake for your favorite chicks. 

Slicing the cake will be like breaking your heart, but that’s fine as long as you make worth-remembering memories on this significant day in your tot’s life! 

Lastly, whatever the look of this dinosaur-themed birthday cake is, don’t ever forget that the taste is the most important. As it fills your eyes with marvel, so shall it fill your tummies with delight! Now, that’s ROARsome!

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