A leap into the world of Non-Fungible tokens and the industries they have shackled

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have paved the avenue for selling or buying digital assets in a secured way. Analysts and researchers opine that NFTs will stay with us in the upcoming years as well. This blog will bombard you with every detail you need to know about crypto collectibles and the massive potential for non-fungible token platform development.

What Do NFTs Represent?

Starting from scratch, Non-Fungible tokens are unique, non-interchangeable, and scarce assets. The asset can be of any type ranging from real-world assets to virtual assets. To tell you in plain terms, you can convert an artwork, fashion accessories, gaming assets, memes, music, real estate, tweets, into an NFT.

Will NFTs Afloat In The Near Future?

There are so many pointers that showcase that Non-Fungible Tokens will make it to the future. I will walk you through the pointers that will let you know why NFTs are here to stay. Delve in!

  • Through the concept of digital collectibles, artists  will attain immutable ownership. Once the rare asset is integrated with the public ledger of the blockchain network.  the blockchain, you don’t have to doubt a bit about the identity of the token being duplicated. 
  • Adding a detailed description of the assets is possible. 
  • The indivisible nature also adds to preserving the ownership. Unlike we can split a fiat or a crypto currency into smaller values, an NFT cannot be divided further. But recently, a concept called fractional ownership has been introduced. An asset can have multiple owners and each owner will have an NFT that represents the shared ownership. 
  • A smart contract is a pre-programmed software  that works on certain terms and conditions (T&C). For example, if a creator sells an artwork on a marketplace , and a buyer expresses interest in it. If and only if the seller receives funds, the art will be transferred  to the buyer. Similar to this example, the seller can input a different set of conditions that are encoded into the smart contract. 
  • Not to leave, the distinctive nature of NFTs is another perk for investors. There can be no two assets of the same type, thereby preserving uniqueness. 
  • Be it a real-world property or a digital one, authenticity is very  important. Blockchain technology helps in maintaining the ownership details, which can be traced back to the actual owner. For example, X creates a tweet, and that tweet is sold to Y and further to Z. Even after it is sold to Z, the original owner X can be traced via the distributed ledger. 
  • Transparency is another trait that surfaces up. When an asset is bought or sold anonymously, it is important to know the details associated with the peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction. Hence, both buyers and sellers can check with the blockchain network to grasp information about the payments.

I hope this detailed information on the traits the NFTs carry along with them helps you take further moves in this space.

Sales Volume Of NFTs In Recent Years

While it is important to know the fixed set of traits available in NFTs, it is also important to take a look at their sales volume. Here are precise data on the sales volume ranging from the year 2019 to 2021.

In 2019, the total sales of NFTs were $69.2 million. And in 2020, the sales hit 250 million USD. Finally, as of Q3 of 2021, $10.7 billion as per DAppRadar. As the awareness about NFTs gets inflated year by year, the sales volume too augments.

NFTs and the industries they have made an entry


Over the years, there prevails disputes between music artists in terms of royalties. There is no room for such conflicts now  since NFTs have made an entry into the music production and distribution industry. Music artists can compose their songs/BGMs, mint them into an NFT, list their assets on a blockchain-powered marketplace, and sell them to their die-hard fans and followers. 

We are totally aware of the ill impact the Covid-19 pandemic has created on different industries and individuals as well. Due to the stringent restrictions on conducting live events or shooting composing sessions, music artists were unable to make money out of their profession. That was the time when their attention moved towards NFTs. By using an NFT platform, artists can mint their music composition on the blockchain network and from there head to selling. As we all know that after selling any asset that has been converted into a Non-Fungible token, the creator will keep receiving income, which is royalties in other terms.

Real estate

Undoubtedly, the real estate industry has been climbing monumental heights, which was not a thing before. It has to be noted that buying or selling an immovable property involves quite a lot of paperwork and chances are there for forging the ownership.

Hence, the concept of NFT has been appended to the real estate industry to avoid numerous paper works and also holds ownership. The owner of the property has to sign up for an NFT platform that is meant for the real estate business. Next, the owner will mint the property into an NFT and share all important information. After that, the seller or the owner will provide the agreement details, which is called a smart contract in the NFT marketplace. 


The online gaming industry has also been attaining incredible heights due to the boredom-packed pandemic times. Many developers have started showing interest in selling their computerized games on the NFT marketplace. 

We are aware of and enthusiastic about collecting trading cards. Such trading cards can also be minted into an NFT, and further, be sold. Not just trading cards but also costumes, jerseys,  weapons and sports accessories of famous players can also be sold and bought as crypto collectibles.

Summing up, as days pass, the scope and enthusiasm of investing in NFTs are becoming colossal. Hence, put forth your business strategy by collaborating with an NFT solution provider. Some of the prominent NFT development services include developing NFT minting, NFT wallet development, organizing marketing campaigns, Initial NFT Offerings (INOs), and NFT marketplace development.  Pick a service you need and take control of the NFT trading industry soon. 

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