How to Apply for Skilled Visa in Australia

The skilled migration program in Australia is for skilled workers from foreign countries to migrate to Australia, whether permanently or temporarily. The workers can shift to Australia alone or with their families, as the case may be.  

A skilled visa in Australia is point-tested and sponsored by a family or state/territory government. This visa allows a person to engage in any profession, such as lecturers in universities, auditors, accountants, nurses, doctors, and many more, to move to Australia with permanent/temporary residency.

A person can be eligible for any skilled visa type, just as a Skilled recognised graduate visa 476, skilled independent visa 189, distinguished talent visa, skilled sponsored visa, and skilled nominated visa. Every skilled migrant can live and work in Australia with a skilled visa.

Every skilled visa has its eligibility criteria. These requirements are as follows for the applicant-

  • He must be of age between 18 to 45 years.
  • He must have a statement showing your character and health eligibility.
  • He must have scored at least 65 points in a point test.
  • He must have passed an English competency test.

Steps To Get A Skilled Visa In Australia

If you are eligible for a skilled visa in Australia, you can apply by following the steps. We bifurcate these steps into the following points –

  1. Check Eligibility 

An applicant must be eligible to apply for a skilled visa. Before applying, he must meet the criteria of eligibility. 

  1. Collect Documents

He must gather all the documents, such as passport, birth certificate, bank statement, ID card, and employment contract, with recent photographs (passport size) in one place. 

  1. Skill And English Competency Assessment

To meet the eligibility criteria, an aspirant must pass the skill assessment and English competency test. To meet the requirement of English competency, he must go through IELTS or PTE.

  1. Consult An migration Agent

The applicant can consult with a migration agent to file the application and relevant documents. He is an experienced professional to provide services relating to visas in Australia. 

  1. Open ImmiAccount

If the applicant is going for an online procedure to apply for the visa, he must open an ImmiAccount. Open an immiAccount is one of the first task for online visa services. Fill in all the details and attach the documents required to complete the immiAccount application form.

  1. Pay The Charges

After filling out the application form, the applicant must pay the prescribed fees. The charges or cost of the visa varies according to the visa type and individual circumstances.

  1. Submit The Application

Submit the application form online or physically in whatever mode the applicant prefers. The applicant has to wait for the application to be processed and approved to receive his visa.

Types Of Skilled Visa

The general skilled visa has the following types –

  1. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

A Skilled independent visa in Australia permits skilled professionals to live and work in Australia permanently. This visa does not require sponsorship from family members or nomination from the state/territory government. 

All an applicant needs are recently updated documents, a skill assessment, a point test score of at least 65 points, and English aptitude. The occupation for visa 189 must be in the Medium and long-term strategic skills list.

  1. Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa (Subclass 476)

A skilled recognised graduate visa is for engineering graduates who want to live, work or study in Australia. It is a temporary visa that is valid for up to 18 months. 

To be eligible for visa subclass 476, an applicant must be 18 to 31 years. He must not have any previous visa subclass 476 or 485.

  1. Distinguished Talent Visa (Subclass 124)

A Distinguished talent visa is for people having a recognised record of exceptional achievement at the international level in an eligible field. For fulfilling the eligibility criteria, an applicant must contribute to the country economically, socially, and academically. He must be able to establish himself and find work in a related field in Australia. He must have achieved achievement in a profession, sport, arts, or academic research internationally.

  1. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

A skilled nominated visa is for skilled workers to whom the Australian state/territory government invites. It is a points-based visa for professionals with specific skills. The applicant invited by the state/territory government must have an expression of interest, competency in the English language, and an age between 18 to 44 years.


A skilled or talented person who came to Australia for an occupation listed on the skilled occupation list must apply for a skilled visa in Australia. It is a permanent visa with different sub classes for various reasons. 

A skilled independent visa is for candidates who do not have sponsorship from the Australian state/territorial government. A distinguished talent visa is for talented people who have a record of exceptional achievement in an eligible field at the international level.

The eligibility requirements and working rights of all these different subclasses of skilled visas are similar. An aspirant holding a skilled visa can work, live, and stay in Australia. However, they can have some specific requirements along with the basic ones.

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