Ambitious nationwide schemes and institutions to digitally empower India

Digital empowerment can act as a revolutionary tool to facilitate inclusive development and offering equal growth opportunities to each citizen of the country regardless of their social, financial, regional, linguistic, and cultural profile. Recognizing the importance of digital services in education, business and society, the Government of India has initiated many schemes and established several institutions to turn the digital ecosystem as a tool to uniformly distribute the public utility services and welfare schemes across the length and breadth of the country while also protecting the end-users against malicious cyber incidents. Here are a few such schemes and institutes that are relentlessly helping Indian citizens to enjoy the best advantages of the digital revolution:


Connectivity is the major criteria for growth in today’s digital world. Recognizing its importance, the Bharat Broadband network has been introduced to ensure maximum connectivity across different states of the country. Since its inception, this special-purpose set-up has directed its efforts towards achieving milestone success. By bringing hassle-free connectivity to the villages it will help in lowering down the entry barriers for the rural population to actively benefit from the digital revolution in India. An ambitious project is to build NOFN or National Optical Fiber Network in the country and other efforts to connect the maximum number of Gram Panchayats across 641 different districts through incremental fiber.


Acting as a central foundational element of India, Aadhaar has democratized identity management across the country and empowered every citizen to enjoy a uniform, easy and frictionless way to prove their identity for different purposes. It has also facilitated and simplified the fiscal budget management, social/financial inclusion, and various other welfare schemes that make it easier for the Indian government and public sector to deliver public benefits uniformly across different sectors and communities. Being based on unique biometrics characteristics of individuals it cannot be faked and thus helps a long way in encouraging maximum transparency and data integrity.


Security is the vital component of a digital ecosystem. Keeping this in mind the Government established CERT intending to protect the Indian digital ecosystem against hacking and other malicious activities. As an authorized national agency, it serves different purposes required to ensure wholesome cybersecurity. Some of its major functions include a thorough evaluation of cyber incidents information, predicting cybersecurity incidents to prepare individuals and organizations against potential incidents, coordinating different response activities to prevent/reduce cyber incidents, and releasing informative and actionable knowledge documents regarding guidelines, prevention, reporting, and response to such incidents that empower users for self-management/prevention of such incidents.


A strategic part of the ambitious Digital India Initiative the COE-IT was launched to smartly utilize the IT strengths of India to accelerate the IoT ecosystem to empower the country for delivering excellence in the field of both hardware and software. By building purpose-friendly applications and increasing domain capabilities the center will facilitate the creation of a thriving IoT ecosystem equipped with job-ready talent, vibrant startup community, and entrepreneurial know-how to deliver excellence through various IoT products and services. In that capability, it can start a new chapter in the digital history of India.


Cyber Swachhta Kendra when translated in English gives out its meaning and objective. This Hindi term stands for Cyber Cleaning Center and it aims to identify botnet infections, alert the authorities and also provide the technical capabilities for botnet removal so that the end users’ system can be secured and preventing those systems from being used as infection carriers. Kendra collaborates with trusted Antivirus and security products providers as well as ISPs to build a robust prevention ecosystem against cyber infections. In that capability, the center helps in achieving the targets of the National Cyber Security Policy that aims at building a fully secured cyber ecosystem in India to help every citizen enjoy the digital benefits without compromising without being exposed to security threats.

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Common Service Centres (CSC)

CSC centers act as a digital vehicle for enabling the citizens of remote and rural areas to access the public utility services, welfare projects, and other services for the Indian citizens including healthcare, education agriculture, financial, and various B2C services. In that capability, this scheme helps the Indian government to realize its dream of a fully inclusive society where every citizen is an equal participant in the benefits offered by government and public services. It is highly commendable how this scheme is helping diverse Indian communities to overcome the barriers of geography, region, culture, and language to partake of the advantages provided by public-friendly services/schemes of the Indian government.


India is making huge progress in the digital arena. Moreover, the highly economical costs of website setup services like domain and hosting services, self-designing and economical digital infrastructure has even encouraged the small entrepreneurs to build their own sites that multiply their reach to the global population. In that capability, the digital ecosystem can act as a gamechanging factor for the overall socio-economic development of the country. Recognizing the importance of digital power in the current era, the Indian Government has started a wide range of schemes, institutions and policies to improve the society, economy and infrastructure of India through digital empowerment. It empowers Indian citizens to participate in various Government schemes and uniformly access the public utility services.

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