Best lifestyle techniques to use dab rigs in this summer


Dab rigs are a type of water pipe that contains a nail for heating and vaporizing concentrates. With summer weather on the horizon, it’s important to know how to safely and responsibly use these products. There are many great benefits from using dab rigs, including but not limited to stronger highs, longer-lasting effects, more efficient consumption, tastier hits and cleaner smoke.

This article will detail some tips for best practices when using an electric rig this summer.

Dealing with sunlight

The first tip is to keep your rig out of direct sunlight as much as possible because the heat can cause cracking in the glass or even make it explode! You should keep your rig away from any open flames or sources of extreme heat like ovens or barbecues- you should also never throw your rig in a fire pit or stove.

Protection from the elements

Dab rigs can break when exposed to strong winds and extreme temperatures. Consequently, you should make sure your rig stays secure while you are outside this summer, whether it’s in a bong bag or case. Wind gusts can be very unpredictable! Also, it would be best if you were mindful of the temperature during use, especially with metal dab rigs. Like bongs, which are made out of glass because it cools down smoke, metal dab rigs help cool down vapor by conducting heat away from the nail into its base. However, like any heat source, you should always make sure you have something to hold onto if your fingers start to get too hot.

Add water to the bowl of your dab rig for cooling effects.

Water in your rig will cause the temperature of your nail to cool down. This cooling will make your dabs smoother and less harsh on the throat and produce dense smoke.

You should avoid using hot water if possible as it can make your throat dry and uncomfortable.

Beware of stains

While using your dab rig this summer, you should be careful not to get any sticky resin on surfaces like furniture or clothing. When such dab rig stains dry out, they become difficult to remove without damaging the surface underneath.

Keeping your rig clean

It would be best always to keep your dab rigs clean and free of any unwanted debris like hairs, straws, etc. As a result, you will avoid clogging the nail or causing other issues that could potentially break the glass.

Dab etiquette 101

Furthermore, it will help if you always use proper dab tool etiquette when smoking concentrates on a water pipe with a nail. This means using only one end of the dabber each time you take a hit (the business end) so that neither you nor anyone else will inhale burned organic matter accidentally via an improperly cleaned dabber! It would help if you appropriately cleaned your dabbing tools by rubbing them between two fingers over a paper towel so that any residue will collect there instead of on the equipment- don’t use lighter fluid as this can damage the glass.

Assembling your rig

Moreover, it will be best to make sure the pieces that make up your dab rig are assembled correctly and replace any broken glass quickly to prevent accidents from occurring. The most common cause of breaking glass is mishandling during cleaning- always be wary of this possibility. And remember never to use a dab rig as an ashtray!


Overall, it’s important to take precautions when using your dab rig so you can have fun in the sun and not worry about ruining any equipment or getting hurt by accident! Keep these tips in mind and enjoy those summer nights with a nice hit-off that delicious vaporizer pen for sale. In no time, you’ll be experiencing stronger highs and tastier hits while enjoying nature outside in this beautiful season! Just keep it clean

1. Take your dab rig outside and enjoy the sun while you take a hit

2. Add water to the bowl of your dab rig for cooling effects

3. Avoid using hot water if possible – it will make your throat dry and uncomfortable

4. Use a blowtorch instead of a lighter because they produce more heat than lighters, which can lead to a harsher taste from combustion gases in the air

5. Be careful not to get any sticky resin on surfaces like furniture or clothing – when it dries out, it becomes difficult to remove without damaging the surface underneath

6. Store your dab rigs away from sunlight and other sources of UV light so that they don’t break down prematurely due to exposure

Moreover, vaporizers can offer you a dosage of nicotine without the cigarette or tar located in routine cigarettes. If you’re thinking about making the switch to something much healthier for you and also your household, after that you ought to do some research prior to buying anything! You can also ask around for suggestions for different brands or kinds of vaporizers.

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