Best Prestashop Templates for 2021 

On the off chance that you have an online business or you will make an eCommerce this year, it isn’t unexpected that you consider Prestashop as one of the alternatives you need to assemble your online store under this framework. In any case, the issue alone isn’t sufficient. It is likewise important to furnish it with a “dress”, that is, Prestashop formats that are reliable with how you need your site to look. 

Today, Finding the best Templatetrip formats is easy; indeed, you can discover both free layouts and other paid ones (at various levels). However, since we realize that having so many alternatives can be overpowering, today we need to create an assemblage of all that you can discover and that are for general use (that is, they can be centered around various organizations. Would you like to know which ones we suggest? 

A past advance prior to realizing the Prestashop formats is to know precisely the thing we are alluding to with Prestashop. That is to say, do you know what it is? 

Prestashop is an instrument, quite possibly the most utilized and known, zeroed in on the administration and organization of an online store. It is ideal for those little and medium eCommerce and, before you ask, indeed, it is free and when you figure out how to utilize it, it is ideal for dealing with your stock, deals, and so on in a simple way. 

Indeed, in light of the accessible information, there are more than 300.000 online stores with this apparatus, and being accessible in excess of 75 dialects ​​helps you learn much better. 

With respect to its functionalities, it is very expensive. Indeed, by far most, not to reveal to all of you, are free, which is the reason many pick this instrument rather than different other options (like WordPress with its WooCommerce). 

What’s more, the prestashop formats? 

Presently, Prestashop layouts (or Prestashop topics) are really what the client will find in your online store. That is, the plan you provide for your store. Her dress, as it were. 

All in all, it is the visual that your store will have, how it will look when somebody goes to your page and sees it. It is significant that it goes as indicated by the topic or the market wherein you work. For instance, it would not be acceptable if, on the off chance that you have a toy store, you put an exquisite plan, in dark and exceptionally calm, since it would not draw in the consideration of your likely crowd. 

These formats can be found on the Internet and have two structures: 

  • Free Prestashop formats. There are many, however they have the detriment that some are more restricted, or offer more essential and less appealing plans (a few). 
  • Installment Prestashop formats. There is likewise an extraordinary assortment and they contrast from the others in that they are better made and offer considerably more than the free plans. 

What to remember while getting Prestashop formats 

Prior to showing you some Prestashop layouts that we suggest, you should realize what to remember when purchasing or downloading and introducing a format. 

What’s more, it is that, occasionally, disappointments or that it doesn’t function admirably might be expected to not having considered the accompanying: 

Be careful with the Prestashop variant 

Envision that you have a Prestashop format that you have fallen head over heels for. In any case, with regards to putting it on your eCommerce it doesn’t work. This might be on the grounds that it isn’t viable with your Prestashop adaptation. 

Thusly, when purchasing or downloading, consistently watch in the event that it coordinates with the adaptation of your Prestashop. 

Check the layout demo 

Try not to remain just with the picture of that format, in case there is a demo, peruse it thus you can perceive how everything is shown, the landing page, yet in addition the item documents, the item classifications, how is the installment cycle, and so forth 

Language layouts 

As we have said previously, Prestashop is converted into in excess of 75 dialects. However, on account of formats it very well might be that there are parts that are not deciphered, and blend Spanish in with English; or straightforwardly put in English. 

Along these lines, in the event that you don’t need that to occur, you should ensure that everything is converted into Spanish. 

Broadly utilized layouts 

Many are hesitant to purchase or download Prestashop layouts that have effectively been broadly utilized, on the grounds that they feel that they won’t be unique that way. 

Nonetheless, you should realize that, the more downloaded, it implies that individuals have attempted them and that they work, that they don’t give issues in an overall manner. Also, that will give you confirmation that you won’t have issues by the same token. 

Best Templatetrip Templates 

Presently, then, at that point we leave you with the absolute best Prestashop layouts that you can consider for your own eCommerce. 


This is quite possibly the most exquisite Prestashop layouts that you will discover and with a responsive plan (It implies that it will look great whether you see it from a PC, a tablet, a versatile …). 

It has 6 predesigned demos so you can pick the one you need. Over all It is centered around design stores however you can really utilize it for others, for example, toys, adornments, and so forth 

Transformer 4 

This is outstanding amongst other selling Prestashop formats on Theme Forest, which causes many individuals to have attempted and persuaded it. What does this have? Indeed, it has an extremely complete subject supervisor, to have the option to plan your own format, just as a visual design with which you will make the substance of your page. 

It has 17 predefined plans and the chance of including a blog. 


Stockroom has the primary qualities of its versatility; as such, because of the various modules it offers, you can make your own plan by assisting you with the guidance you get with this format. Also, it is improved for SEO and has the Free Revolution Slider module to make progress pictures on your eCommerce pages. 


Zeroed in on little and medium stores, it is one of the Prestashop formats that you can get with numerous alternatives. First off, you have 7 installable demos (so you don’t need to fabricate the store without any preparation). Be that as it may, assuming this is the case, you have Page Builder to construct the modules and redo it as you would prefer (without knowing programming). 

Prestashop formats: Optima 

Assuming you need a Prestashop format that fills a few needs (for instance since you have a few stores or on the grounds that you actually don’t have the foggiest idea what you will sell) this might be perhaps the best since it has in excess of 47 demos pre-intended to address the issues of various organizations, from style, vehicle parts, food, books … 

It has a responsive plan and expansions can be added, from pennants, sliders, item or classification merry go round, blog, etc