Best Schools in Tokyo for Your Kid’s Montessori Education

Our kids’ educational roots should be strong in order for them to excel in their further studies. It is our responsibility as parents to provide our children with the best education possible. To give them the best education, we have to enrol them in a school that provides the best Montessori education. 

Children, at this tender age, should be nurtured in a safe and sound environment. So we should choose a school that is both the best in education and also provides a safe environment for our kids. Here are the 3 best schools in Tokyo that provide best-in-class education along with a sound environment for your kid(s).

Best Montessori Education in Tokyo

  1. Global Indian International School

GIIS provides the best Montessori education in Tokyo. The school emphasises the overall excellence of the students. GIIS has a unique and proven framework that helps students excel in their school lives. This unique framework is called 9GEMS. As in its name, the framework focuses on nine important things that help students excel in their school and in their future.

The kids should be given special and individual care as each and every kid is unique in their own way. So, GIIS personalises your kid’s education by taking very special care. The school gives primary importance to kids’ language fluency, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and creates events to develop those skills. 

The school prioritises kids’ extracurricular and co-curricular activities as well. The activities are aimed at developing creative, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and management skills in the kids. The teaching faculty and the tech-savvy classrooms are also the main highlights of GIIS.

  1. The Montessori School of Tokyo

MST defines education as preparation for life. The school believes that learning is a natural, ongoing process that is unique to each person. So, MST teaches its students in different ways and at a different pace. 

MST strives to develop a love of peace and a deep respect for mankind and the environment. The school also instils confidence in students and assists them in becoming compassionate and respectful citizens. 

The school has spacious classrooms and a beautiful garden. MST is fully equipped with modern facilities and a diverse and highly qualified faculty. The school provides a high-quality environment for the students that helps them to explore, learn, thrive, and survive. 

  1. Tokyo Bay International School

TBIS empowers students to face the challenges of the 21st century. It emphasises building the students’ creative minds. TBIS helps kids develop their leadership qualities, self-confidence, and compassion. 

Tokyo Bay International School provides a warm, healthy, and friendly environment for the kids. Their curriculum was designed to enhance the students’ challenging, creative, and critical abilities. TBIS focuses on nurturing its students in terms of respect, self-confidence, tolerance, and, finally, academics. 


To summarise, all three schools that are mentioned above are the best schools in Tokyo. However, GIIS stands out for its unique holistic approach, which contributes to students’ overall excellence. 

The school even involves the kids’ parents by organizing events to enhance communication and relationships between kids and parents. The school has dedicated laboratories and a library. Student clubs at GIIS are one more great thing about the school.