Best Ways to Improve Your Driving

Being a good driver is an ambiguous claim which can mean a number of things. It could mean that your driving abilities are formidable and that you can easily master any challenge of the road. Other than this, it could also mean that you’re a safe driver and that you’ve, so far, successfully evaded traffic accidents. A good driver is also someone who is confident in their driving ability. Overall, once we have these three definitions out there, it’s clear that one can easily improve their driving abilities this way. Here are several best ways to improve your driving.

Keeping the distance

Avoid tailgating as best as you can. The ideal distance between your own vehicle and the vehicle in front of you is the approximately one-and-a-half the length of your own vehicle or more. This, while driving at the adjusted speed, will give you enough time to react if they do anything unforeseen. If they keep slowing down, thus making it impossible to keep this much of a distance, it might be better to just overtake them.

Learn parallel parking

Wandering aimlessly is a waste of gas, potential risk (since you’re distracted looking for a spot) and a general annoyance. What’s the point of owning a car if you have to part 20 minutes away from the destination because you can’t parallel park? The full absurdity of this situation lies in the fact that this is really not that hard to master. All it takes is watching a single YouTube video and trying it out a couple of times. That’s it.

Get some additional gear

Every vehicle has a blind spot. With large vehicles, like caravans, chances are that the biggest problem will be your own perception of the size of the vehicle on the road. So, how can you solve this issue? The simplest way would be to get a caravan reverse camera. This way, you will know exactly how far you are from the objects surrounding you, which directly improves your driving abilities. You can also install parking sensors, dashboard cameras, etc.

Know your limits

Knowing yourself and your car is the most important driving tip. Overtaking someone is a simple mechanical issue while on an open road. You just need to be 100% of the acceleration capacities of your vehicle. Previously, we’ve talked about your parking ability. If you’re not sure if you can fit in a parking spot, it’s probably better to look elsewhere. Remember, you’re not driving a racecar and there’s no shame in admitting that there’s something you can’t do.

Plan your trips

How do you get somewhere in time without having to resort to speeding? It’s quite simple – you set out in time. What does this mean? First of all, you study the route and make sure that you have enough time to get there. An ETA (estimated time of arrival) on your GPS app or Google Maps should be your starting point. Then, you add 20-40 minutes to give yourself some room for unforeseen events. What if there’s a hold-up in the traffic? What if you have to replace a tire? This way, you won’t have to suffer this additional pressure.

Driving refresher or advanced course

While it is true that a professional driving instructor can help you improve your driving skills and habits, you’re not restricted to their services while learning how to drive. Driving refresher is a perfect example of this. It is commonly used by those who haven’t driven for a while but even a regular driver can learn a thing or two here. Instructors have different approaches to these students for obvious reasons. Another reason to take this course is if you’ve moved to a country in which the opposite side of the road is used.

Focus on everything

What are you looking at while driving? Are you observing the road around you, are you focusing on your lane? Are you checking out the rearview mirrors or are you looking around for pedestrians preparing to cross the road? The truth is that you need to look at all of these things in order to stay safe. Now, your ability to do so is affected by two things – your alertness and your mindset. If you’re tired or distracted, this will be easier to do. How serious you are about potential threats of the traffic is another issue worth noting.

Stay calm

This may sound a bit absurd but you need to remember to stay calm at all times. There are a lot of instances in which people in other vehicles drive like crazy but the truth is that you have no control over it. You can’t allow yourself to be upset over these things, seeing as how they’re inevitability. Just think about it for a second, every single time you drive from point A to point B, someone in the traffic will do something that will potentially upset you. If you let this trigger, you every time, you’re going to have a pretty bad driving experience.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, you need to understand that improving your driving isn’t nearly as ambiguous and abstract as you may think it to be. You’re aware of the downsides of your own driving and when you get better at this, you will also become more confident in your driving abilities. It all comes together in order to help you grow as a driver and make your own driving (as well as the traffic itself, into a safer place).

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