Beware of These Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke

A heart attack is a rapid and considerable decrease in blood supply to the heart muscle, whereas a stroke is a comparable interruption in blood supply to the brain. Even if the two conditions have some symptoms in common, recognizing the specific symptoms of a heart attack or stroke is essential, mainly if you or someone dear to you is at a higher risk of experiencing either medical emergency.

It’s vital to scrutinise for more than just the “standard” signs because cardiac conditions don’t typically have external alerts. It is advised to consult with the best heart specialist in Mumbai if you notice any of the signs. So we’ll talk about the common and non-typical symptoms in this article.

Why does Heart Disease Occur?

Several matters with the heart and blood vessels could be acknowledged as heart disease or cardiovascular condition. Congenital heart disease is the term for a situation when a person has a cardiovascular illness from birth. Sometimes heart disease develops gradually throughout your life due to your lifestyle, genes, illnesses, drugs, or other factors.

Why does a Stroke Occur?

A stroke, which occurs when there is a problem with blood circulation to a portion of your brain, is the brain’s counterpart to a heart attack. It may occur if your brain is bleeding or if blood arteries get obstructed. Strokes are severe medical emergencies that must be treated immediately to avoid death or severe injury. So checking up with the best heart specialist in Mumbai is always recommended.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

Heart attack symptoms might vary from person to person. Mild symptoms are present in some persons. Others display serious symptoms. Some individuals show no signs.

  • Difficulty in Breathing

if you’re slightly out of breath, you get winded fast, but don’t dismiss it as casual. After light exercise, such as climbing the stairs or going out to the car, you could feel yourself struggling to breathe. This could indicate a heart-related problem.

  • Daily Activity Tolerance has Changed

One might become exhausted from working in the garden or going to the gym. In these circumstances, fatigue is normal. However, going about your everyday activities, such as walking or grocery shopping, while feeling severely exhausted presents a more concerning situation, particularly if the weariness is associated with additional heart-related symptoms.

  • Uncomfortable Chest

Inconvenient heaviness, stiffness, or tightening can all be signs that something is not right with your heart. Heart palpitations are frequently characterised by the sensation of an elephant resting on the patient’s chest.

  • Ongoing Cough

Your lungs may become swollen due to heart failure, which may cause coughing or wheezing. In such cases, it is better to consult with the best heart specialist in Mumbai.

Symptoms of Stroke

Strokes are the second leading cause of mortality globally. Here are a few warning indicators you should watch out for.

  • Face Numbness

You might unexpectedly encounter facial, arm, or leg stiffness, or numbness. Usually, just one part of the body is impacted. For example, try lifting both hands above your head simultaneously. You might be undergoing a stroke if one of your arms begins to fall. When you attempt to smile, one part of your lips could also droop.

  • Headaches

A sudden, intense headache may indicate that you are experiencing a stroke if it is followed by vomiting, wooziness, or altered consciousness.

  • Walking Troubles

You could trip or get unbalanced. A premature failure of balance or dizziness is a likely sign.

  • Communicating Issues

Difficulty communicating and hearing what others are expressing. You can notice rambling, slur terms, or peril following discussions.

Which Condition is more Dangerous, a Heart Attack or a Stroke?

A stroke or a heart attack can be deadly, but in many instances, a complete recovery is also possible. The results depend on the seriousness of the incidents and how promptly medical assistance is given.

A heart attack survivor may survive many years with little signs of the incident if they receive fast, efficient treatment, complete cardiac rehabilitation, and lead a healthy lifestyle. However, after a stroke, the prognosis might be more unpredictable. Even with prompt treatment and rehabilitation, there may still be lifelong difficulties depending on whatever area of the brain was harmed by the stroke.


Be proactive and don’t wait for the symptoms to pass if you encounter any of the following heart disease or stroke symptoms. Get in touch with the best heart specialist in Mumbai and get started with the required treatment immediately.

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