Build an attractive stand with a top exhibition stand builder in Munich

Expo Stand Services offers turnkey exhibition stand design and construction for all types of exhibits in Munich. The minds behind the most authentic stand designs are crucial to your exhibition’s success. If you are looking for an unrivaled exhibition stand builders and contractor company in Munich, look no further.

Trust Expo Stand Services for custom, practical, and sturdy unique exhibition stand design in Munich. Our stands help you achieve your business goals. Planning a stand in Munich as a foreign exhibitor is much more complex

then setting up an exhibition stand in your own country. 

How we bring success your way in Munich?

Thanks to many years of experience in Munich, Expo Stand Services guarantees the stand’s quality and the showcase’s professional handling. That’s how we bring your brand to a successful future at exhibitions with ever greater glamour. 

  • The exhibition stand design company in Germany supports you in organizing the most modern exhibition program. Thanks to our inventive designers, we create free 3D models, thanks to which our customers can imagine their stands and express their satisfaction.

If you are looking for a world-class exhibition, don’t wait any longer and hire us as your partner and stand builder in Munich for your next exhibition. 

  • We offer turnkey services, from design and conception to project development and management, so that you can focus on your program marketing strategy. 
  • Once the customer has approved the model, Expo Stand Services starts creating the rack and stores it in ideal conditions to protect the equipment. Secure your success by working directly with the specialists! 
  • We work closely with your marketing team to develop the best exhibition stand design ideas.

Why should you entrust us with exhibition construction in Munich?

Based in Munich and well-traveled, our team of project managers works worldwide and presents our projects at the most important exhibition in the world. Our experienced designers and artisans ensure that every exhibition stand project we approve is professionally handled and delivered on the promised date. With multiple exhibition experiences in Munich, Expo Stand Services offers all customers excellent service, responsiveness, and attention to detail. 

As your exhibition stand builder in Munich, we address the concerns and worries of the national and international exhibitors who are represented at the exhibition in Munich. 

Get our beautiful stands exhibition stands

We will develop a project that you can be proud of, that will make hearts beat faster and spread your brand positively in customers’ minds. We make your success our business. Together we can design the perfect package for your needs, whatever your industry, and create a bespoke, creative, and sustainable solution within your time and budget.

We help companies that go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make a good impression. As an exhibition stand design company in Germany, we offer an excellent service that ensures you see a great stand at your next exhibition. We work hard to ensure that your congress exceeds your imagination and takes care of all the necessary things, such as implementing ideas in the design, construction, and dismantling of exhibition stands. Thanks to an exemplary and creative approach, we offer you international quality exhibition design ideas, even if your budget is limited.

Best Exhibition Stands in Munich, Germany!

Let us take care of your stand design in Munich to make your visit worthwhile while you focus on your presentation to attract the audience to the show. 

  • We will introduce an innovative concept to your stand. ESS offers complete solutions for every type of stand requirement. 
  • We create bespoke stands with attractive and innovative designs. Once we know your expectations, we can meet them and provide you with a product that far exceeds anything you have ever used. 
  • Surpass your next exhibition appearance with the best construction company in Munich and tailor-made exhibitor rentals for a stress-free exhibition in Munich, Germany. 
  • The exhibition season never ends, and as exhibitors, we know how important it is for you to host a successful show with a profitable ROI.
  • We have high-quality printing and production facilities.

We create magic every time we work

It doesn’t matter to us whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a returning visitor;

you will receive excellent service that will delight viewers and the general public. For example, we have an attractive exhibition stand design in Munich. And that’s not all; you don’t have to do anything; we’ll take care of it. 

No wonder companies come back to us from time to time.

  • We represent your brand and help you achieve your business goals. As a renowned stand builder in Munich, you are in the best of hands with us. 
  • We are one of the leading exhibition builders and acquire our production facilities across the globe. For years, ESS has offered bespoke 360°, and portable and modular exhibition stands. 
  • All services from a single source, including design and construction of exhibition stands or exhibition stands, prefabrication, storage of exhibition materials, the printing of stand graphics, assembly, and dismantling, we’ve it all.
  • Creative designers and a hardworking production team at Expo Stand Services design and build elite corporate exhibition stands while providing comprehensive exhibition management services across Europe.
  • A suitable design for an exhibition in Munich is here. We have a high level of craftsmanship and skillful design under one roof. We believe in effectively reviving exhibition stand designs displayed on the exhibition floor through our experience accumulated over the years.
  • We support you in planning and constructing your stand or stand construction in Munich from the first inquiry to the final handover. Our custom displays, portable displays, and modular displays complement the purposes proposed by our customers to meet all their display needs.

To Summarize

Please make us your exhibition stand builder in Munich, so we can help you design your stand in Munich. In addition, our project management expertise reduces the risk of mishaps while creating and managing

custom displays by focusing on executing every detail specified by the customer.

With over 10 years of experience designing and building exhibition stands, we are the ideal solution for companies that want to get their brand noticed and achieve significant results.

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