Buy Best Ayurvedic Products Using Kapiva Ayurveda Offers

Kapiva Ayurveda Offers

Kapiva needs no introduction as it is one of the fastest-growing online platforms with lots of Ayurvedic and organic-based products. All of their products are made with ancient ayurvedic backing with modern technology. Kapiva products are available in the purest form. 

The online platform brings out the different offers under Kapiva Ayurveda offers for their new and existing customers. The online platform understands the value of nutrients that are very necessary for the body, and that’s why there are a number of products that are highly in demand. Let’s check out the complete details about the brand and their products, services, and more. 

Kapiva Product Categories 

Here is the wide range of products that you need to check that are 100% organic and made through ancient Ayurveda. 

Solutions-  In this category, you will get all the wellness products needed in daily life like Amla Juice, Aloe Vera Juice, Kashmiri Mongra Kesar, Desi Gulkand, etc. This category has a wide range of products related to sexual wellness, weight loss, men’s care, women’s care, Digestion related, immunity-related, kidney stone, blood pressure-related and more under one roof. 

Oils-  under this category, you will get organic oil like Virgin Coconut, Organic Castor, Sesame, mustard oil, Pure Tulsi Ark, and more. 

Juices-  You will get Aloe Garcinia juice, wild Amla juice, Slim Fit combo, Aloe vera juice, Karela Jamun Juice, Noni juice, etc. 

Top Selling Products 

Check out the top-selling products of Kapiva. 

Desi Cow Organic Ghee is one of the top-selling products on the online platform. This organic pure cow ghee is very rich in taste and best for digestion. Kapvia Ghee is good for overall heart health. You can use the Kapiva Ayurveda Promo Code to save more online shopping. 

Aloe Vera Juice- As we all know, Aloe Vera is very good for overall health, and the benefits of Aloe Vera juice are numerous. This Kapiva Herbal Aloe Vera juice supports detoxification as it helps to flush out all the toxins from your body. This juice is water-dense, it also prevents dehydration and helps the liver stay fit. 

Digestion Based- This product comes with different combos like the wholesome wellness combo. You will get Amla, Wheat Grass, Bowel Care juice and more that are best for digestion related issues. They have other products too that are best for overall digestion.  

Pure Wild Honey-  This organic honey is 100% natural and extracted directly from the forest, not farms. It contains the best antioxidants, minerals and other enzymes for the best health and nutrition

Mustard Oil-  Their mustard oil has been extracted only from Kachi Ghani or from the raw mustard seeds, and they use cold-pressed technology to obtain the oil. This is one of the top-selling items of Kapiva, and it goes out of stock many times as the demand is so high. 

Consult A Doctor

The online platform has a dedicated team to give answers to all of your queries. Kapiva offers free consultation and nutrition counseling. 

All of these doctors are certified Ayurvedic specialists and will get the best advice for you. 

Kapiva Shipping Policy 

The online platform offers free shipping on all orders above Rs. 399. They have collaborated with top courier agencies to deliver their product on time. 

The online platform also accepts all major and minor forms of payments like Credit & Debit cards, UPI, Wallet pay, Net Banking, and more. Kapiva’s website is entirely safe and secure for making online payments. 

Return and Refund Policy 

This online platform’s refund and return policy are pretty straightforward and easy. If you placed an order and want to make any changes or want to cancel, all you need to do is open the website and login and cancel the order from your account. 

If you have made the payment, then the refund will be processed within 7 working days. They will arrange the reverse pick up in the case of return. 

How to Order From Kapiva 

  • Open the website. 
  • Register using your Email Address and Phone number. 
  • Check out the products you are looking for and add them to your cart. 
  • Use the ongoing Kapiva Ayurveda Coupons to save more while shopping online.
  • Your product will be delivered to your address. 

This is all about one of the fastest-growing online platforms that deal in Ayurvedic and organic products for human healthcare and well being. We have personally used the products of Kapiva like the Organic Ghee, Mustard Oil and Aloe Vera gel. They are available in the purest form and are best for health. 

All of their products are available under different offers. If you are a first time user, then they have the new user also offers that is best for you to grab now. Order anything worth 399 and there will be no shipping charges. So, all in all, you will get a fantastic brand to supply healthy items to your kitchen. In addition to that, the coupons and discount offers shared on this page will help you get these products at the best possible price.