7 Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Phone By Phone Repair Shop Phoenix

Everyone is bound to make mistakes as a human. Only robots don’t make mistakes. But if your try and avoid these mistakes, you can save your smartphone from any damage. Are you thinking about how you can increase your smartphone’s lifespan? After all, you have invested a huge sum of money in your smartphone. Cell phones are inseparable parts of our lives. It’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last at night. It keeps you intact with your family and friends. You store a lot of important personal and professional data in it. That said, you just want to keep your device safe for as long as possible. No one wants their smoothly running devices to get damaged. Achieving this goal involves knowing and avoiding common habits that reduce your smartphone’s lifespan. Let’s get to know through We Fix You Play, a typical phone repair shop in Phoenix, about the common habits you should avoid that are damaging your phone. 

Common Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

  1. Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

If you have a habit of leaving your smartphone in a car during hot sunny days or cold Wintery nights, or if you leave your phone charging under a pillow, or if you use apps that are energy-extensive and overheat your phone quickly, then you are not doing anything good to your phone. Using and draining your phone’s battery faster and charging it often can reduce the lifespan of your smartphone. Remember that the new flagship phones don’t have removable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries in modern phones don’t go along with extreme temperatures, either heat or cold. If you notice your phone overheating, keep it in a room with a slightly cool temperature. 

  1. Using Wrong Chargers

Almost every other technical specialist advises you to use chargers made by the manufacturers. If you are an iPhone user, you must buy an Apple adaptor compatible with your iPhone model. Not all the cables and chargers fit your phone. Even if they do, it doesn’t mean they are made for each other. If a charger is fake, it can damage your phone’s battery and its charging port. Chargers are available in Multiple watts, each for different models. You cannot use a 30W charger on your iPhone 14. These chargers ruin your devices. Phone repair shop in Phoenix suggests that iPhone users can also get accessories from MFi-certified Apple manufacturers. 

  1. Downloading Malicious Apps

People download apps from untrusted sources when they don’t find them on Playstore and App store. However, downloading apps from untrusted sources can bring a lot of viruses and malware to your device, causing tremendous damage. These apps steal your personal information and passwords and invade your privacy, even your bank details. These apps also allow cyber criminals to access your data and camera. It’s good to download and install apps from a source that is safe for your phone. 

  1. Cleaning Background Apps

Do you have a way to close all the background apps on your phone so its performance can be improved? You must be surprised after knowing that closing the background apps can cause more harm than good. These background apps don’t slow down the performance of your phone infact; you must let them run because they take much less power when they are not in use. Resuming the app from where you stopped will put less strain on your device’s processor because when you restart an app, smartphones take power to restart them, according to phone repair stores.

  1. Ignoring Updates

You must update your software even if you dislike repeatedly receiving its notification. Downloading and installing new software can get your phone running smoothly and efficiently. These updates are not only useful to improve the user experience, but they are also useful in keeping your phone safe from viruses, bugs, and glitches. They patch the new vulnerabilities. If you delay updating your software, you expose them to malware attacks. So, the next time you get any notification, install it instantly.

  1. Using Public WiFi

One of the most tempting things to do is use free public WiFi. Imagine sitting in a coffee shop and using public WiFi peacefully. It’s not as peaceful as it sounds because it involves many risks. Public WiFi has weak security because they are unencrypted. If you connect your mobile to one of these connections, get ready to lose your data, including bank details, passwords, the company’s sensitive information, and your thesis’s copy writes. Your apps can also start crashing for no reason when malware from public WiFi enters your phone. Phoenix has one of the world’s best cell phone repair stores that advises against these public WiFis.

  1. Bad Charging Habits

Another mistake people make is not taking care of their charging habits. Letting the phone battery run below 20% or charging it fully to 100% can damage and shorten its lifespan. A phone repair shop in phoenix recommends keeping it charged between 30-80% so that it uses fewer charging cycles. 

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