Documents required for CDSCO registration for cosmetics import

CDSCO registration process is one that entails a lot of documents. You have to precise when drafting them, and should have the correct information about them when submitting them.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to give all the information that you should provide to CDSCO to get the registration to import cosmetics in India.

List of CDSCO registration documents

Following is the list of documents you need to submit to get the titular registration:

  1. Cover letter
  2. POA
  3. Undertaking
  4. List of ingredients
  5. Label information
  6. Product specification
  7. Testing method
  8. Manufacturing license
  9. Free sale certification
  10. Declarations
  11. Receipt of the application fees

Let’s now discuss what information is present in each of those documents

Cover Letter

In the cover letter, you specify the reason for applying for CDSCO approval. Simply put, it’s a letter through which you try to convince the central drug standard control organization to consider your application.

Power of attorney

Power of attorney is addressed to the authorized signatory. They are the ones who you’ve authorized to file your application form. They can be a CDSCO consultant, or the Indian origin company who undertakes the task of CDSCO registration process on your behalf. It will entail the following details:

  1. Details  of the cosmetic’s manufacturer
  2. Details of the Authorized Agent, one that the POA is addressed to
  3. Details of the cosmetic product
  4. Validity period of the document.


This undertaking states that neither you or the company you present has been the part of anything that the government can consider nefarious and against the public interest of the citizen of India.

List of ingredients

In this list, you’ll provide the details of all the ingredients present in the cosmetics. You have to be thorough when presenting that information, making sure that no detail, no matter how minuscule is left out. CDSCO prefers simplicity. Thus, it would be wise to present the information about the ingredients in a tabular format.

Label Information

Label information entails the labels put on the cosmetic’s package. it should contain the following information:

  1. Name of the product
  2. Details of the manufacturer
  3. Manufacturer’s license, if there is any
  4. Registration certificate number mentioned in that license.
  5. Information as per the Legal metrology rules for packaged commodities.

Cosmetic product’s specification

This section can be considered part of the label. However, in a separate document, you need to provide details related to the usage of the product, it’s side effects, the concentration of each of the chemicals added to it, and the direction of its usage.

Testing method

You’d need to provide details of the testing method you’ve implemented to assess the effectiveness and side effects of the product. You also need to avail the CDSCO with the test reports of the same.

Manufacturing license of the product

If the cosmetic products’ manufacturing requires a specialized manufacturing license in its origin country, provide a copy of the same.

Free sale certification

A free sale certificate certifies that the cosmetic product can be sold in its country of origin and is allowed to be sold in other countries as well.


There are three declarations that CDSCO requires:

  1. Declaration that you haven’t tested the product on animals
  2. Declaration that you haven’t used toxic chemicals or regulated substances to manufacture the product beyond what’s allowed by the CDSCO.
  3. Declaration that the product doesn’t contain heavy metals or hexachlorophene content.

Receipt of the CDSCO certificate fees

As filing the application is followed by submitting the hard copies of the application form and the documents, you also need to the transaction details – the receipt of payment – of the application fee to the CDSCO.


As you can see, the documents required for CDSCO Registration are many. While you can collect some of them, the rest are needed to be meticulously drafted.

Thus, when you decide to import cosmetics in India, make sure that you have Registrationwala on the speed dial. Our experts will file your application, at as your authorized representative and get you to your goal of CDSCO certification in no time.

If you wanted to know the documents required to get CDSCO registration for cosmetic import, this blog has the answer. Find out the details of the documents you need to obtain CDSCO approval. And if you have further questions, Registrationwala is ready to answer them.

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