Its not that you should go only to Argentina or some other exotic place for fishing vacation. There are many other affordable fishing locations where you can not only enjoy fishing but a lot of other activities also.

Multiple fishing spots

One idea is to rent an RV and travel to multiple fishing spots. The duration of stay in each spot should not exceed two days. This will give you a lot of fun, besides you will be able to explore more new areas. Another advantage of going in a RV is that you will find many people going on RV and you can easily make friends. Apart from snacks Karpfenzelt 3 mann and drinks, you should take a gas stove, tents and some other basic tools with you in your fishing camping. You can easily cook whatever you want fish, eggs or potatoes on the gas stove. After all, an ideal fishing vacation must consist of good food. Its always fun to be away from computers and TV for a while. You can play scrabble, charades and cards and even enjoy story telling.

When you go on a fishing vacation, its not only fishing you can enjoy. Majority of the fishing spots offer you a plethora of sporting activities like skiing, camping, hiking, golf and boating. You can also go for kayaking as well.

There are many people who are crazy about fishing and go for long and expensive fishing tours frequently. In many European and American cities you will find fishing resorts especially build for this purpose. For going on a fishing vacation you don not require too much expensive items, all you need is a backpack containing sleeping gear, tent and fishing rods and that is all. Just pitch your tent and enjoy your fishing vacation.

An Ice Fishing House Is Your Best Defense

There are many times that you might think that your home is your castle, but in this case, your shack can be it. An ice fishing house is a sturdy structure that is designed for hauling out onto frozen lakes. It can be pretty much any dimension as long as the ice below you is strong enough to support it. Not only will it keep you warm while ice fishing, it can also keep your companions warm too. That can be a key factor in deciding if you are going to be fishing solo or with a group.

Some smaller ice fishing houses are just made up of a tent with no floor. These kind of ice huts are the lightest and most portable of the ice fishing houses. I would personally recommend these if you want to go solo because they are perfect for one person because of the size. They will hold all your gear as well and depending on the tent you could also sleep in it if you wanted to.

An ice fishing shelter

An ice fishing shelter does not even have to enclose you completely. Some people are perfectly happy with just a tarp strung across a couple of sticks to keep the chilly winds off of them. This might be the least protected of all of the ice fishing shelters because you are still three quarters exposed. It is still a better option than just sitting there freezing your butt off.

There are more elaborate ice fishing huts that can accommodate many people and are designed purely for comfort. These are more like little cottages with stoves to cook on and heat your house as well as benches, rod holders, and even televisions and radios to keep you entertained during those long hours between bites. These are not really a personal piece of equipment that I recommend buying for yourself unless you want all of the extra work that comes with having one of these elaborate structures. I would recommend only renting these occasionally just to treat yourself on special occasions.

For the more industrious types, there are also ice fishing house plans that you could buy. You can also create your own plans and build it as long as you have the right tools and some basic carpentry knowledge. All that you would really need is some plywood and two by fours to construct your very own home away from home.

Your favorite ice fishing spot

Once you have your ice fishing shanty you are also going to want to think of a way to transport it to and from your favorite ice fishing spot. What you could do before you make your plans is to build trailer wheels and a hitch onto the hut so you can just hitch it to your truck and head out. This kind of creation probably needs some kind or trailer license so it might not be the best of ideas. You could also just get a prebuilt, licensed trailer and a winch to pull your newly created shanty onto it and just tow the whole creation onto the ice. Once you are there, make sure that you check the thickness of the ice because you are not going to want to have your fresh, non-fish-smelling, home-made ice fishing house fall through the ice. That would just suck and if anyone saw it would be even more embarrassing.

Once you are on the ice and comfortable in your new home they you are going to want to also think about safety before you start hitting the beers. Make sure that you don’t keep your shanty so hot that you melt your way through the ice. Karpfenliegen günstig kaufen Because your shelter is most likely going to made of wood you are going to want to be extremely careful about where you put your heater. Even more so if you are planning on sleeping in the hut. Make sure that there are no toxic gassing that are filling up the hut from propane or butane heaters. Also most importantly, make absolute sure that if you are out ice fishing with your buddies, you are not the first to pass out. This is for obvious reasons.

Some people may think that an ice fishing shelter is just a bad idea because it keeps you away from nature and causes you to just hide and not be one with the environment. This is purely their opinion and you are just going to have to find out for yourself just how comfortable you can be on the frozen lakes during a minus forty degree snow storm.