Checklist to Purchase a Condo

Especially for those who want to find and see a condo on their own, we have compiled a checklist, in which we noted what you need to check with the seller, what to talk about and what to pay attention to right away. 

What to ask when you call

So, you have already viewed the ad several times, even managed to talk to the seller, and now you are ready to view it. Need a control call to make an appointment. Ask a few questions to find out exactly if the ride is worth it:

  • Who will show the condo, owner, or representative?
  • When were the pictures for the announcement taken?
  • What documents of title can the seller show?
  • Are there any nuances (inheritance, minor owners, multiple owners, etc.)?
  • Is the condo on a mortgage or not?
  • Will the sale be free or alternative? (If an alternative, then is there already a selected option). 
  • How long has the condo been owned? If not for long, then find out the reason for the hasty sale.
  • Are people registered in the condo? If so, does the seller agree to write them out at the time of the transaction?

If the answers to these questions are not particularly embarrassing, the seller willingly answered, did not hide anything, then you can go for an inspection.

What to look for when looking

You’re at the place. Before stepping on the threshold of an entrance, remember the checklist before buying an Amber Sea condo. You need to pay attention to the area near the house, to the state of the house inside, and to the condo itself, of course. Now in more detail.

House territory

First, if the house is not new, ask the seller when the last major repairs were carried out. And then check his words with the data on the website, there you can find out the date of the overhaul, just enter the city and the address of the house in the line. 

So, here we are. In front of you is a house in which you may live. First, go around it from all sides. See if there are cracks, delamination, or other defects – they shouldn’t be. If there is a renovation or construction nearby, ask what exactly is happening there and how long has it been going on. 

Pay attention to whether there are just dug holes or just rolled asphalt next to the house. Ask, perhaps, recently there was a repair of communications, if so, then find out what exactly they did and how often this kind of work occurs.

What a playground looks like. How many sites are there in the entire block, whether their number corresponds to the number of houses. What is the state of slides, swings, and other game items?

What does a container yard look like? Overflowing or not. Is there rubbish scattered around? Are there any animals (they can carry dirt around the block)?

condo condition

Appearances can be deceiving. Even if the condo looks good at first glance, you need to check everything. Therefore, we began our inspection of the condo with communications.

Heating and Water

What was the condition of the radiators when they were last changed? View technical connections for washing machine, stove, dishwasher, sink. What do the sink and toilet look like? Turn on the water, evaluate the pressure, color, and smell of the water. If inspecting in winter, then be sure to try how warm the batteries are.

Gas and electricity. Find out how long ago the gas equipment was checked, there were some changes, for example, pipe relocation. Check the condition of the sockets, they should be free from greasy, fit snugly against the wall, and not give off a glow. See how the switches work and where the meter is located.

What documents to ask to check

Before inquiring about the package of documents, specify who exactly is showing you the condo: the owner or the agent. If the agent asks who is the owner. Ask everyone to show their passport details. In the future, check the owner’s passport data with the data in all documents of title to the condo. On the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, you can make sure whether the owner’s passport is valid and whether he is on the wanted list. And on the website of Singapore, you can check whether there are tax arrears. 


As you already understood, there are three stages that you must go through before purchase a condo. These are communication with the seller by phone, an inspection of the house and condo, and verification of title documents. Each of these stages has its own nuances, the main thing is to discard shyness and doubts, ask questions, following our instructions above, inspect not only the condo but also the adjacent territory, boldly ask the seller to show the main documents.  

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