Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Animal-Loving Friends and Family

When it comes to Christmas, everybody’s got someone on their list that’s exceptionally hard to buy for — and nothing feels better than nailing the perfect gift for them! Looking into your giftee’s hobbies, interests and job are all encouraged when you need a little more direction, but can often be difficult to pin down. What isn’t difficult to pin down, miss or overlook is their loves and passions — and when someone has a love for animals, it’s particularly easy to see!

Although you shouldn’t give your animal-loving friends or family an actual live animal for Christmas, this is a love that’s as easy to embrace as it is to spot, from gifting a pair of cute and practical animal print socks that symbolize or showcase their favorite animal to picking a piece of jewelry that will eternalize their pet!

A Custom Paw Print Ring

Paw print rings are not only a gorgeous and unique piece of jewelry, but when customized will allow you to have any pet’s paw print engraved onto them! Whether your friend has a close bond with their pet, has just recently brought a new pet into their home or has recently lost a pet, a custom paw print ring will make for a thoughtful, unique and beautiful gift.

A Donation

Does the animal-lover in your life feel passionate about animal rights and welfare? If so, making a donation to a charity, rescue shelter or initiative on their behalf and in their name may be appreciated more than you could ever imagine — by more than just the recipient on your list! This is a gift for them, the charity or organization, the staff and volunteers, the animals, the community and more! If you’re hesitant to take this sort of action because you’re unsure of how much to give or if what you do have to give is enough, it’s important to remember that any and every amount makes an impact and will be greatly appreciated by everyone involved!

A Proceed-Providing Piece of Clothing

Let them know that you support them outwardly expressing their passions. Similar to making a charitable donation, purchasing a product that your giftee would like that puts a percentage of its proceeds toward a good (animal-driven) cause is a gift for more than just your recipient! Above and beyond a percentage of your purchase going toward charities, rescues, shelters or initiatives that will use it for good, many of these types of pieces (especially when it comes to clothing) are designed to be cool conversation starters, so the awareness that your recipient can spread will be a gift that keeps on giving — for them and the initiative!

An Animal Print Piece

An animal print piece is a great idea if your giftee has a favorite animal. Whether it be the animal’s actual pattern, a pattern OF the animal or something with a single print of the animal, this is an idea that’s easy to embrace even if you’re short on time or limited on funds. Not only are there plenty of patterns to showcase their favorite animal, but plenty of products as well! From things they can wear like shirts, sweaters and socks, to things they can use like throws, candles and cups.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Animal-Loving Friends and Family
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A Bag to Carry Their Pet’s Stuff

Most pet owners have a vast selection of toys, treats and supplies for their pets — and normally, no dedicated space or transportation method for it all. If this is the case for the animal-lover on your list, consider a cute tote bag! Whether you’re helping them get a handle on the toys scattered all around the house or you’re helping them save time and energy when it comes to packing up their pet’s things for a trip to the park, a tote bag that symbolizes your recipient’s pet or showcases your recipient’s style is the key.

Unique Pet Toys

Giving unique and cute pet toys as Christmas gifts to your friends and family is always encouraged! While you may feel like it’s not enough of a gift for them, the joy that they’ll get from their pet’s joy, along with the love that you’ve shown for their pet, will thrill them above all else! Look for designs to suit your giftee’s style/tastes (which can be done through something as simple as getting the toy in their favorite color or through something as significant as toys shaped like their favorite food), and combine that with features for the pet (think multiple textures, odd shapes and features like squeakers) in order to make it special and avoid cluttering their home with just another toy.

Pet-Centric Towels

Animal-focused patterns, designs and sayings are always welcomed in amongst the homes of animal-lovers — and so are towels! To clean up after their pet in style, integrate the love for their pet into every inch of their home with a pet-centric hand or dish towel will not only be welcomed as a gift but adored as a piece of decor and actually used as a practical item!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Animal-Loving Friends and Family
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For More Than Just Your Friends or Family

Animal-lovers and pet owners are great at picking up on and improving an animal’s mood. Likewise, animals are great at picking up on the moods of their owners — so a gift for one will surely delight the other! From here, the number of delighted people and animals can grow substantially with some of the gift ideas noted above. So while you may have been having difficulties finding direction for their gift at first, it turns out that the animal-lover on your list may not actually be too tricky to pin down. It could result in a gift that impacts a LOT more than just them!

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