Creating a Logo Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

A logo is a symbol, image, or combination of both that represents a brand or business. It plays a crucial role in making a brand recognizable among people. A logo can be simple or complex, monochrome or colorful, but its primary function is to distinguish the brand or product from competitors. Creating a logo may seem challenging, but with the right tools, you can design one online without any professional skills.

A logo is the identity of a company, product or event. It has several functions:

  • Recognizability – A well-designed logo becomes the face of the brand, making it easy for people to distinguish the company’s quality products from competitors.
  • Security – Brands purchase copyrights for logos, so third-party companies cannot use them on their products. Violation of copyright laws is punishable under legal action.
  • Warranty – A brand’s logo on its products assures customers of high-quality and compliance with their expectations.
  • Aesthetics – Some logos are works of art, adding to the product’s appeal and making them a unique identifier of the company.
  • Advertising – A logo is an essential tool for promoting a brand or product. It helps consumers recognize the seller or manufacturer, familiarize themselves with its products, and make purchases.

Creating a Logo Online

Thanks to online designing tools, creating a logo is now simple and accessible to everyone. You can create a logo online in two ways:

Online Designers – Suitable for beginners with basic computer skills, online designers provide a framework for creating a logo using customizable templates. Some popular online logo designing tools include:

Turbologo – A resource for creating corporate identity elements from scratch, Turbologo’s pages allow you to combine pictures, icons, text, symbols, and customize their colors and combinations. A free version is available, and a premium subscription with advanced features.

Wix – Logo Builder offers a framework for a flexible logo adjustment system based on the company’s field of activity and keywords. Wix has free and extended paid versions with different rates.

Shopify – A vast online service with a large assortment of ready-made logo templates that can be unique to a company or its product. The layout can be chosen based on brand scope and other personal values. The free version is limited, but the paid option provides a lot of creative opportunities.

Professional Graphic Programs – Professional graphic programs like Photoshop or CorelDRAW provide design tools with endless possibilities, but require specific knowledge of handling them.

Creating a logo is not difficult with online tools. You can work with the logo for free, but you may need a paid subscription to expand its functionality. Choose a suitable portal based on convenience and the purpose of creating a trademark.


A logo is the face of a brand or event. It is essential to have a well-designed, unique logo to make your brand or product stand out. You don’t need any professional skills to create a logo online using an online designer or graphic program. Choose a suitable online portal based on convenience and the goal of creating a trademark.