Modify Custom Soap Boxes Wholesale With iCustomBoxes

Do you think your business can rise above others when the packaging is standard? Then think again that it’s almost impossible. Today’s modern community wants everything exceptional, whether it’s a product or its box. That’s why people use custom packaging to meet people’s standards. Because they know it, the people do not even like to see standard boxes. They have made a mindset that if the product’s packaging is cheap, it means it’s cheap in quality wise.

Now please tell us how people will buy your product when they don’t even notice it. If you want people to buy your soap, modify your standard boxes for soaps into custom and see the magic. And for customization, you need a reliable and experienced packaging solution, which we are. We 100% assure you that we will never disappoint your that’s our promise.

Always choose superior quality material for custom soap making:

Quality matters a lot for brand image, same for iCustom boxes. We always strive for material quality, even all packaging tools. And we prefer eco-friendly material for packaging. It’s because of the poisonous effects of non-nature-free materials on nature and wildlife. If you think the same and want to play a part in nature’s safety, eliminate all the non-nature-free material from your life.

For soap packaging, we suggest you use cardboard and kraft material boxes. Both are durable, printable, and resistant to environmental factors. Also, they are more economical than other packaging materials.

No more condemnation and crumbled boxes with laminations and coatings:

Have you noticed that the custom box gets crumbled or wrinkled with time? And the design colors begin to get faded. It happens because of not using laminations and coating for the box material protection. Because the laminations and coatings work as an extra layer of protection to intensify custom box durability and grace two times more.  As a result, the box lasts long and can be dispatched anywhere without breakage and leaking tension. Moreover, the printed surface looks attractive and protected from ink spreading and fading.

For laminations, you can use matte lamination for the natural and dull surface. Conversely, you can apply gloss lamination for a shiny, smooth gloss look.

Make the custom soap box eye-catchy with elegant designs and shades:

Do you want to seek all the glamour towards your custom soap boxes? Then choose an elegant design and shade for its customization. For design, we give you proper authority to choose your favorite design from anywhere. Our design experts will design that for you in graphical foam. Besides that, you can tell us a few specifications we will design your design according to these. They will do that for you if you feel anything needs to be changed. You can choose any color combo from PMS and CMYK color schemes for color making.

Choose any box style for custom soap boxes:

The soaps typically come in the complete seal, reverse, or straight tuck-in box styles. You can do something new. Here are a few box-style suggestions.

  • Pillow-shaped box style
  • Sleeve and tray box style
  • Hexagon box style

ADD-ONS options for custom soap boxes:

1. Die-cut window

The colorful soap boxes should not be fully covered because people attract more by seeing different colors. That’s why we suggest you customize the die-cut window on the box. We cover the die-cut window with a PVC sheet to seal the box correctly. For detailing die-cut borders, you can use stamp foiling or PMS and CMYK shades or designs.

2. Custom cardboard or kraft inserts:

In order to keep custom cardboard boxes in an enchanting pleasing position, keep custom inserts in them. The custom inserts also help to protect the inner product from any damage and cracks during movement. You can print the inserts in different shades or designs if the box has a die-cut window.

3. Stamp foiling:

Use hot stamp foiling to give the custom soap boxes a gleaming and glamorous shine. They are available in all shades. Here are a few options.

  • Silver
  • Gold foil
  • Metallic foil
  • Rose Gold foil
  • Embossed Foil (Any color)
  • Holographic foil

4. Embossing and debossing:

Use embossing and debossing if you have zero budget issues and want an exclusive look at the custom soap boxes. It can highlight the brand logo, text, or designs on the box surface. You can give rise effect to the brand logo or design with embossing. On the opposite, you can use debossing to give a pressed feel.

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