Dayara Bugyal Trek – The Beginners Guide


Dayara Bugyal Trek is contemplated as idle for beginners due to the simple trek with the most marvelous aesthetic scenery. Dayara Bugyal is prosperous in dense forests, open land, and expansive meadows.

The trek begins at Basru hamlet and then treks down via Raithal to see the panoramic beauty of both the routes of Dayara Bugyal.

At the height of 3048 mts, the view of Himalayan peaks and dense greenery make you shirk all the Chaos of life and just relish the aesthetic perspective in the lap of nature.

Best time for the Dayara Bugyal trek

The snowscape in winter is a domain on its own. The groves are startling in spring, the meadows are indomitable green in summer, and they turn orange in autumn, with well-known mountain views.

The best time to visit Dayara bugyal to enjoy a definitive trekking experience is from May to November. During this period the weather is much more enjoyable, it is not very cold or scrounging hot, and it’s just ideal to enjoy strolling along the path. People even choose winter treks at the destination due to snowfalls. During winters all the peaks, meadows, and glaciers are encircled with a thick layer of snow expanding the beauty and tranquility of the place.

The place is ideal for novices and even for nature enthusiasts.  

Dayara Bugyal trek

Dayara Bugyal is comprehended as Uttarakhand’s winter wonderland for a reason. Although its meadows stay a tourist interest throughout the year, during winters, the aesthetics of this place gets to its zeniths. Skiing is one of the realizable sports during the winters through these burials, due to smooth slopes and tops that is one of awareness among trekkers. The shades of the fields shift from stunning lush green to shimmering golden by the time of autumn. Even though the range is blanketed with sumptuous white snow, the complication level saunters a bit, bringing in the forested trails more adventurous, and the camps also become more extraordinary and ironically warmer. Thus, the Dayara Bugyal winter trek is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for many trekkers, skiers, and even experienced climbers.

Dayara Bugyal trek through the forests of maple,  pine, oak, and some wildflowers such as rhododendrons. Trekkers get to glimpse exquisite alpine meadows across the route. A very near and stunning view of enormous Gangotri peaks, along with the mountain Bandarpunch. Onwards with these, you’ll also be competent to see the Himalayan ranges of Bhagirathi, Jaonli, Draupadi Ka Danda, Kala Nag, and Srikanth.

The agreeable hamlet of Raithal is the starting juncture of the Dayara Bugyal trek. During your drive, you’ll see the panoramic magnificence of groves and the stunning Bhagirathi creek. On the way, you can even enjoy an exquisite sunset in the town of Uttarkashi. Then the trek returns from Gui to Barnala, noticing vast fields on the route. Then principal to Dayara Top and Descend to Chilapada or Gui. On the definitive Trek from Chilapada to Raithal. Here your favorable trek comes to an end.

Hardship level of trek

Dayara Bugyal trek is deemed one of the easiest and most stunning trekking destinations in Uttarakhand. Apprentices can even go for this trek and experience the puzzling trek. The locales are so beautiful that will grab you off guard. 

Sightseeing at Dayara bugyal

There are different locations at Dayara Bugyal at which you can have a glorious experience. There are different local villages in nearness such as Barsu village, Raithal village, and Kuflon village where you can sense fastened to the cultures and traditions of the place. Interact with the residents and relish the delicious food and hospitality of the destination.

Enjoy Camping at Dodi tal lake cocooned amongst the almighty pines along the freshwater lake of Uttarakhand. The location is full of marvels and will make you captivated and mesmerized. 

Visit the Bakaria top summit perched at 3800 mts. And enjoy the trekking experience there also. The site is supposedly perfect for stargazing and glimpsing the most exquisite sunrise and sunset views. Comprehensive Dayara Bugyal is a whole container of travel in itself. 


Trekking is a most enthralling and adventurous activity at the same time it is calming and soothing. To decrease boredom of time and spend some time in the lap of nature, trekking at Dayara Bugyal is a reasonable option. The trekkers can certainly gain some incredible life experiences to treasure. The journey will rejuvenate you and give you some time for yourself for contemplation. This way you can ignore all the humdrum of life and appreciate the rejuvenating sensation.