Home whitening kits that are available in all the shopping malls are a big business these days. Actually, these kits contain only a tiny amount of active ingredients and this is something common people are not aware of. For teeth whitening Wimbledon one must always visit a dentist. A dentist is a service provider who will understand the matter and treat it properly. 

Every manufacturer of tooth whitening kit promises to give his clients brighter and whiter teeth. Nearly 52% of the young population survive on these kits. They use their home teeth whitening kits at least once a day. They are usually much cheaper than the ones the dentists use at their clinics. Here the question arises whether the kits are safe or not? 

  • Which is better: professional whitening or at-home whitening kits?

The standard treatment for getting whiter teeth involves the use of hydrogen peroxide up to 6%. It is illegal in the United Kingdom apart from any dentist or dental professionals to carry out the treatment. In fact, beauticians are also not allowed to perform this service. 

Professional bleaching involves: –

If you go to a dentist, he will follow these steps so that the patient gets what they want. 

  • Firstly, he takes an impression of the mouth to make a tray for the mouth so that it fits properly.
  • Then a whitening gel that has either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide will be placed inside the trays before it goes inside the mouth. 
  • All the active ingredients have oxygen in them and when the oxygen enters the tooth enamel then it will lighten the colour. It will reduce the shade and will bring it down to white.
  • A patient might need to visit the dentist’s chamber for repetitive sessions. It happens sometimes that after the procedure is completed by the dentist there can be some kind of temporary sensitivity or gum discomfort, this is absolutely fine so do not worry about it. 
  • How are home tooth whitening kits different?

Most of the shops have these kits throughout the country but these contain only 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and this is the regulation by the EU. This is because common people do not know how to use hydrogen peroxide or its effects. They might use it incorrectly giving rise to damaging gums. 

Most of the professionals belonging to this field say that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is so low in the home kits that the change in colour is not at all noticeable. The manufacturers will promise that customers will get the best result within a few days or months but this does not happen. The ingredients present in the kit may have the power to remove other stains just to make the teeth look whiter but one can get the same result by using a whitening toothpaste. Some of the kits have colour shade charts but they are different from the ones that the dentists use. A dentist will use laser whitening for this treatment but these things are never available in a normal product.

  • How safe are the home whitening kits?

Just because hydrogen peroxide is not allowed in the home kits, the manufacturers use other ingredients like phthalimido peroxyl caproic acid (PAP) and sodium chlorite. From a recent study by the British Dental Journal, we come to know that few chemical ingredients can make the shade of the teeth light but it has few side effects as well, if not used properly. Many times, people use it for a longer period of time to get better results but this does not work out at all, instead, it affects the gums and teeth badly. 

  • Never DIY tooth whitening products

There are videos on the internet that talk about how to make teeth look white at home but it does not happen in that manner. Anyone can purchase hydrogen peroxide and apply it to their teeth by diluting it with normal water. This is not very risky but if someone applies the raw chemical then he is sure to damage his gums. There is also a chance of splashing the solution in the eyes. If something like this happens then the person ends up visiting the doctor’s chamber so it is better to take the help of a professional than doing it all alone. 

  • Where to buy the product?

There are high chances of people buying the products for a seller who is not from the United Kingdom or is selling illegal products. If you really want to buy the kit then purchase it from a store that you visit regularly and not from any random sellers. Do not forget that if your oral health starts suffering then the entire body will suffer.