Benefits of Embedding Twitter Widget On Website

Twitter is one the most widely used social media platforms. It is used by marketers to promote their brands to a large, engaged audience. The easiest way to attract the attention of active users is to leverage the platform. Brands need to do more, however, to stand out in a sea of competition.

Brands should consider embedding Twitter feeds. Brands can grab the attention of website visitors by embedding feeds. This will instill credibility and keep them interested in the brand’s functioning.

Are you excited to learn all about the incredible benefits of embedding Twitter widget onto your website? Continue reading.

Plus Points of Embedding Twitter widget to your website

1.   Increase visitor engagement significantly

Adding Twitter feeds to your website gives you a great opportunity to interact with your visitors, since it increases the possibilities of brands having valuable conversations with their customers.

Visitors will be inspired to visit your website when they first see it. This is thanks to the content your Twitter users post about your brand. This will help you reach your KPI-user engagement quickly.

2.   Make your website responsive

User-generated content can be unique, lively, and always-fresh. Today’s users are actively creating authentic and trustworthy content. This content can increase the attraction of your website to visitors.

You will also find a lot of content that could make a difference in the feeds.

You can embed Twitter feeds to create a powerful first impression.

3.   Social proof builds trust

Social proof is the concept that people mimic the behavior of others to try to emulate their actions in certain situations. Social proof can influence buyers’ purchase decisions by displaying their Twitter feeds.

Prospects are often uncertain when they first come across your business. You can show UGC on Twitter to convince prospects that your products are worth their investment. The best way to convert leads is to look at real life experiences.

Building trust with your audience is essential if you want to do business in the digital world. This is where embedding feeds from Twitter can prove to be your best option.

4.   Brand Humanization

If users feel like they are part of your brand’s community, it will outweigh any other brand-user relationship. The question is: How can you build community with your customers? Humanizing your brand is the best way to do this.

This too is a relationship that requires interaction, just like any other. Customers will love you more if they can have a say and are able to share their opinions.

Your Twitter users’ content showcases your brand value and tells a story. This creates authenticity that makes customers want to return to you.

5.   Highlight Celebrity Interactions with Your Brand

We can all agree that celebrity endorsement and advocacy are a popular thing with users around the world. People are influenced by celebrities who endorse brands and make purchases.

Tweeting celebrities’ comments about your brand is a great strategy to increase website traffic. It can also help to create an impact on the minds and hearts of website visitors. You can get a double boost by having celebrities share your content with UGC.

6.   Potentially boosts conversions

Visual UGC can be shared on social media like wildfire. People love to read what others and their peers have to say about anything and everything on social media platforms.

People are naturally drawn to compelling visuals that have been shared on Twitter. They want to see more and feel motivated to purchase.

This is especially true for millennials who make up over 70% of UGC and spend 18 hours per day engaging in media. 30% of that time is spent looking at visuals created by users.

It is also a powerful medium for word-of mouth marketing, something your brand should be looking out for.

Over to You

You now know all about the incredible benefits of embedding Twitter feeds onto your website. Why wait? You are now ready to create a strategy and make a difference in the digital world of business.

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