Everything About Amazon Echo Frames New Smart Glasses

About 64% of Americans wear glasses. Glasses are an everyday accessory worn by people of every sex. You may be prevalent in a circle to have some smart technology. The world is sprinting in the direction of wearables like smartwatches, Earbuds, and Smart rings. Glasses also deserve a spot on the list. A few companies have tried to make Smart Glasses but ended up being failures. Amazon echo frames are the next step in the field of smart glasses

Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon’s homepage is bombarded with these echo frames. These are just frames. When you order them, they come with a piece of glass. They are dummy pieces of glass, and they get smudgy over Time. You are supposed to take these frames to your eye doctor and then replace the dummy glass with your actual prescription lens.

This way, you get a normal pair of glasses that is also a smart pair of glasses. Amazon Echo Frames come in one standard design that looks fine. On the side, they are thick. Amazon Echo Frames are light.


The size of Amazon Echo Frames is pretty comfortable. They did a decent job on these frames. If you wear these glasses for several hours, you will feel no discomfort. They are a good fit for your head. Amazon Echo Frames are made up of plastic. It has a touchpad that makes it extraordinary. It provides you an extra level of freedom. You can swipe or tap on these panels.

You can do many different things by swiping and tapping. You can answer a phone call and reject it. You get two holes on each side right above your ears. This is the space for speakers.

On the top of the frames, you get a LED light. It will change the colour for different modes.

  • Red: The microphone is muted.
  • White: Talking to the voice assistant.
  • Blue: Talking to Amazon voice assistant.


Amazon Echo Frames come with a lot of features. When somebody texts you, Amazon Echo Frames tells you the name of the sender. You can swipe to hear the text message and tap never to hear a text again. You can create a VIP list to choose whose messages are read to you while wearing the glasses.

You will get four nodes on the bottom side, and two magnets for the charger. Amazon Echo Frames supports magnetic charging like smartwatches. Speakers are directly pointed down at your ears.

It comes with two buttons. One is for volume; press up or down to adjust the volumes. The second button is the Action button. If you double press the action button, the microphone will be muted. This will also turn off the notification feature. Pressing and holding the action button will shut off the glasses.

What’s Inside the Case?

Amazon Echo Frames comes with a case for your glasses. In this case, you will get a charging cable. The charging in Amazon Echo Frames supports magnetic charging so that you will get a magnetic charger. They come with a charging block. You will get a cloth to clean your glasses.

The case is pretty solid. This is a really nice hard case. When you fold your Amazon Echo Frames, they do not actually fold up all the way. They really stick out pretty far. This is because of the thin frames on the side.


The audio quality is pretty good compared to the price range. It seems like an mp3 player but needs some improvements. These are not good for music listening. You will not get a great listening experience. They work really well for phone calls, voice assistants, and low bass music. 

Amazon Echo Frames gives you battery life for the entire day. I hope you will not wear these while sleeping, so charging overnight will not be an issue. You needed to connect AirPods to Mac, but the microphone on the Amazon Echo Frames is incredible. It provides the best sound experience while you are on a phone call or in a meeting.

Benefits of having Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon Echo Frames gives you tons of next-generation features. You will get your notifications in a distraction-free way of hearing. You don’t need to look at your phone or watch. You can hear your notifications without having earbuds in your ear.

You can use voice assistant through Amazon Echo Frames. If you want to hear some low-base music, these Amazon Echo Frames will provide you with the best experience. You can answer your phone calls quickly with these Amazon Echo Frames.

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  • Design: You can’t tell they are smart glass
  • Super light
  • Alexa support


  • Audio quality is poor
  • Plastic lens.
  • The price should be lower.

Amazon is trying to get their assistant everywhere possible. Amazon is an innovative company in the hardware world. There is no other company that is trying to make smart glasses. It changes the public image of Amazon. Maybe future upgrades of these Amazon Echo Frames will have more technology in them. This could only be answered by Time.