Everything on Safety Bollards and Their Site Protection Benefits

Safety bollards are the right choice to prevent unauthorised traffic on your site. In addition, many use bollards to characterise traffic lanes or parking spaces as a safety measure. 

Nowadays, with multiple styled bollards, you can use your imagination and use them for what you feel for various needs. So read on to learn how to protect your site from thwart accidents and restrict access by installing bollards.

Key factors when choosing a bollard

Amidst the many uses of bollards in regulating traffic, they are mostly overlooked by pedestrians and drivers. However, for the safety of your site, you must have one. For instance, if you’ve installed electric boxes, you must have a set of Energy Absorbing Bollards around it to avoid damage beyond repair, thereby compromising the electricity to your site.

Hence consider the following factors for your site while choosing bollards:

  • Driver behaviour
  • Building and road structural design
  • Traffic frequency
  • Different traffic types

How to arrange the bollards for site protection?

Once you’ve identified the pointers mentioned above, it’s time that you consider where to install safety bollards. 

So here’s how bollards must be arranged to uphold the highest safety standards;

  • Enough storefront space such that the entire area is protected.
  • The width wherein the bollard gets placed must ensure that no vehicle can get through.
  • It must maintain accessibility for everyone with enough distance between every bollard.

Different types of bollards 

There are different types of bollards for serving various purposes. For instance, you can install a permanent crash-rated, high-impact bollard to prevent pedestrian accidents (from vehicles) or damaging property. 

And these are a few types you can choose from;

Powder Coated Steel 

To combat rust and scratches, and are ideal for protection and deterrents, with their bright yellow exterior for enhanced visibility. 

Galvanised Steel 

Suitable for exterior installations, these protect against corrosion, making them ideal as protection and deterrents from outdoor elements.

Stainless Steel 

These are ideal for retail spaces, supermarkets, airports, malls, commercial office spaces, and food storage areas. These are designed to sit inside premises. And their reflective stripes provide high visibility and act as a deterrent for ram raiders.

Benefits of installing bollards for site protection

Protection of your property is vital. So these are some top security benefits you avail of installing bollards around your site;

Protects water meters

Water is a crucial necessity for your site. And if these meters that supply water are located in traffic-prone areas, installing bollards keeps the site intact from oncoming vehicle collisions. 

Protects electric boxes

Next to water, electricity is crucial for the healthy functioning of a site. Hence, going for the Energy Absorbing Bollards is an excellent option to avoid vehicle crashes into your electrical circuit boxes.  

Protects site perimeter

They are incredible choices for complete site protection, especially around utility structures, to keep out unwanted traffic and vehicle collisions. 


Safety bollards are created not just for physical but also as a visual barrier. Hence it is essential to choose a supplier offering top-notch quality options in shape, size, design, and function, along with professional guidance with suitable bollard installation decisions.