Famous Artists and Politicians Who Used Ghostwriters

Even back in the 19th century, you’ll find traces of ghostwriting. This profession has a rich history with famous artists and world-renowned politicians using ghostwriters’ services to gain fame and fortune. Ghostwriter services allow artists and authors to get their books written, formatted, edited, and published if they lack any creative skills or don’t have the time to work on their books. If you opt for ghostwriting services, it is beneficial if the ghostwriter and author are both involved in the book publishing process.

Before processing any further, let us talk about what exactly ghostwriting is.

What is Ghostwriting?

The most common definition of ghostwriting is one individual writing for another person, organization, institute or group without a byline or public credits.

The author can either work together with the ghostwriters and share responsibilities or hire them with full creative freedom. Ghostwriters can also serve as editors, helping authors shape work at the initial stages of production, as line editors and book doctors, polishing, revising, and revamping manuscripts that need improvement before being published. 

Hiring a ghostwriter service means hiring a coach to learn about concepts, and organizational structure, identifying the target audience, capturing an authentic voice, project management, conducting interviews with outside sources, and finding pertinent research studies.

Now that we all know what ghostwriting is and what a ghostwriter does, let’s get into interesting stuff; we’ve found some famous actors, artists and politicians hired a ghostwriter to write their books – fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies and whatnot. The genre list goes very long. But we’ll keep it short and sweet for you.

Who Uses Ghostwriting?

Companies or individuals usually hire a ghostwriter because it is a great way of building brand awareness more quickly and easily than any other medium. It’s simple. Rather than burdening an employee to allocate their time to work on and publish quality stories once a quarter or month, hiring a reputable ghostwriter can speed up the process and allow you to get your brand’s story out there in no time.

Many famous people have taken advantage of ghostwriter services to gain more popularity and to convey a message or communicate with their fans. Let’s have a look at three of these.

Harry Houdini

You all must remember the famous Harry Houdini; he was popular for his illusions, stunts and escape acts. Born in 1874, Houdini loved books, reading, and doing something out of the box. Houdini hired H.P. Lovecraft, an author making a name for himself by exploring the supernatural and the limits of reality in his science-fiction work in the nineteenth century, to ghostwrite stories based on Houdini’s true incidents.

The first ghost piece (a short story published in the weird tale magazine), “Imprisoned with the Pharaohs,” was a hit. It resulted in Houdini falling in love with Lovecraft’s work, specifically requesting more ghostwritten content from Lovecraft.

A recently discovered ghostwritten story for Houdini titled “The Cancer of Superstition” was auctioned off for a lot of money. $33,600, to be accurate.

Michelle Obama

Who doesn’t know the 44th First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama? Her grace, poise, and charm made countless people idealize her aside from her husband’s political background.

Her bestselling book, Becoming, was finished with the help of a team of ghostwriters, which is stated in the acknowledgements. This completely debunks the myth that famous eloquent people will never need help from writing experts.

Hilary Duff

*Cue singing the “Lizzie McGuire” theme song*

With her book “Elixir,” Hilary Duff jumped on the young adult fiction craze at the height of her popularity in 2011. “Elixir,” a novel about a young photojournalist named “Clea Raymond” and her search for her father, was so successful it spawned a nine-book series. While Duff claims to have created the plot and characters for the book, she hired a ghostwriter named Elise Allen for the writing.

What to Expect While Hiring Ghostwriter Services?

You should keep these basic factors in mind when searching to hire the best ghostwriter for your task:

1. Qualifications and Expertise

Always look for a good ghostwriter service comprising a team of qualified, experienced writers. Also, check if they have worked on the genre you want help with.

2. Check Samples and Red Flags

Ask for the samples and beware of the hidden red flags, such as asking for full payment ahead or asking you to proofread the content yourself.

3. Ghostwriter Checklist

Keep the following points in mind while interviewing the ghostwriter:

  • Payment and price terms
  • Delivery timeline
  • Content originality
  • Book copyrights
  • Agreement termination policy
  • Anonymity and data privacy  

If a company satisfies you with the above points, you could expect amazing results.

We hope this post has encouraged you to plan your book soon. If you want a perfect ghostwriter match for your book journey, check out our ghostwriter services today!