Five Accessories the Modern Man Needs

Men’s fashion, like women’s, has changed drastically over the years. What was once on trend no longer is, such as flat caps (think Peaky Blinders) and long johns. Fashion generally comes back full circle, but men’s style is a little different. Male fashion doesn’t to change quite as fast as women’s, but it’s safe to say that at the moment, we are living in a world where accessories are starting to take center stage. 

If you have comprehensive accessories, you can instantly upgrade your outfit. In fact, you will never go out of style if you have the basic wardrobe staples and accessories to glam it up. To help you do that, here are five accessories every modern man needs. 

  1. Braces

This might sound obscure, but braces are something every man needs in their wardrobe. When you’re attending a wedding or a formal event and want to take your jacket off, your braces will allow you to still look put together and set you apart from the sea of men in white shirts. 

Braces are one of those items that have come full circle. They were in style over 100 years ago, and then they sort of dropped off when ties and bowties came around, but they’ve recently had a resurgence, and we can’t see them going away any time soon. 

  1. Belts

Braces are an alternative to belts, but this doesn’t mean you should throw out all your belts. The humble leather strip (or non-leather in a lot of cases) always looks good. The great thing about belts is that they can work in both formal and informal settings. They can make it look like you’ve put in more effort than you really have, especially if you coordinate the color with your shoes and watch straps. 

So, belts in all the colors please! Just note, simply is often best, no cowboy buckles should be making their way into your daily outfit choices. 

  1. Jewelry 

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend – men can look just as dazzling with a bit of bling on. Many people would agree that bracelets and rings accentuate men’s hands and make them look more attractive. Even if you’re not a sparkly or blingy kind of person, there’s no need to worry. 

There are options for understated, minimalistic rings and bracelets, and you don’t even need to go down the metal route. If you’d prefer, wood and rope varieties are available for a more laid back, boho look. 

You also always have a pair of cufflinks for those special occasions, but again, you can add a modern twist by choosing unusual cufflinks that reflect your personality. 

  1. Watches

Watches deserve their own category because they’re different from jewelry. If you’re really not on board with earrings, rings or bracelets, you surely have to be on board with watches. They instantly upgrade your outfit and take you from a six to a 10. There’s no outfit a watch won’t go with. 

You can choose from leather or metal straps, but do take care to match your straps to your belt or shoes if you go for leather. 

  1. Card Wallet

Trousers are getting tighter and cash is becoming obsolete. This means wallets are slowly going out of fashion, so if there’s one practical accessory you should purchase, it’s a card wallet. No longer will you have to deal with the look of a bulky wallet ruining your trousers. If you’re a cash carrier, though, this one might not be for you. 

What’s one men’s accessory you can’t live without?

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