Food Event Co-Organizer Now Claims Reason for Event Cancellation Was Absence of ‘Palestinian Food Truck’

Yesterday I posted about the Israeli food truck from Moshava Philly being excluded from “The Taste of Home” event, organized by Eat Up The Borders and Sunflower Philly. Initially, Eat Up The Borders claimed they took this action due to uproar and threats they received, presumably from Israel-haters. Then later in the day, I posted the follow-up: Sunflower Philly announcing the entire event had been cancelled “Due to the ongoing situation with one of our event partners.”

Now buried in a report about what transpired is this indication that we have not been told the entire truth:

moshavaMelvin Powell of Sunflower Philly, one of the groups that organized the event, said at past food truck events both Israeli and Palestinian food trucks were present. He said an agreement was made in the past that one truck couldn’t be present without the other.

This year, the Palestinian truck couldn’t attend, he said. “The fact that we couldn’t accurately represent both of them is the reason why we canceled the event today,” Powell said.

So which is it? The organizers receiving threats or this new ‘woke’ excuse of not being able to also host a “palestinian food truck”?

Although it mentions later in the same report

Moshava Philly and the organizers have been talking since the controversy erupted.

Moshava put out a second Instagram statement saying they were working together to “educate and grow together in a safe space for everyone.”

“Although we were disappointed with how the situation was greatly mishandled, we do not believe the organizers intention came from an anti-Semitic place, but the threats they were receiving to their event were.”

I’m not buying it. I do believe that the organizers intention “came from an antisemitic place.” That is why they are inventing excuses on the fly. The problem is, they have not kept them consistent.

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