Recognized as a stereo tactic radio surgery, Gamma Knife Surgery is one of the most effective treatment solutions to many brain abnormalities which were earlier considered untreatable. It is effective both in terms of time it takes for the treatment and the cost.

A Stereo tactic Surgery is a highly precise form of radiation therapy used for treating tumors and other brain diseases. It is an advanced treatment procedure that is performed without marking an incision on the brain GBL (Gamma-Butyrolacton) online kaufen tissue. Gamma Knife is completely a non-invasive technique and provides doctors to operate on the brain lesions without giving any incisions.

The treatment procedure comprises of a machine that directs the gamma radiations to a focused area of a brain and destroys the diseased tissue without affecting the healthy tissue. 192 highly precise beams of gamma radiations are directed through a protective helmet to destroy only the diseased tissue.

Who should go for a Gamma Knife Surgery?

Gamma Knife is effective in treating a wide range of Brain abnormalities. Gamma Knife has proved to be an effective treatment for patients who have abnormal Arterio-venous Malformations, Trigeminal neuralgia, Tumors and Parkinsons disease.

Conditions such as AVM in which there are abnormal tangles of blood vessels in the brain can bleed causing seizures and hemorrhagic stroke, the surgery is highly effective. Also, the condition called Trigeminal neuralgia in which there occurs pain around the cranial nerves near the base of the brain. This pain tends to radiate out to pressure points in the face making the condition unbearable for some patients. In such conditions the surgery proves to be very relieving.

Evidences have shown that it can stop tumors from growing in 90 percent cases. It also helps tumors to shrink in majority of the cases. Benign tumors such as acoustic neuromas and malignant tumors that have spread can also be effectively treated.

The Treatment Procedure

Precisely, the treatment procedure involves following steps:

  • ” Application of the Stereotactic frame
  • ” Image acquisition
  • ” Planning of the dosage and
  • ” Radiation delivery

The key component in a gamma Knife Surgery is a Stereotactic Head Frame which is a tool that allows the physician to locate the tumor or diseased tissue and perform treatment on the same. The Head frame is attached to the patients head with screws so as to ensure that the radiation beams are targeted precisely. It also prevents any unwanted movements of the head during the treatment procedure so as that only the targeted brain areas receive radiations.

After the head frame is in place, the tumor, brain lesion or abnormality is examined by CT or MRI to precisely locate its location, size and shape. An angiogram may also be required for treating a blood vessel abnormality. The markers on the head frame and the images taken help the physician to plan out the treatment procedure for the lesion. On completion of the treatment plan the patient is laid down on the treatment table with the head frame attached to the helmet. The gamma rays are irradiated and the abnormal tissue is damaged saving the surrounding healthy tissues.

Increased Survival rate with Gamma Knife

Initially considered to be a palliative treatment procedure, which was supposed to improve the symptoms only, Gamma Knife has actually proved to be effective in improving survival rates among the patients. There have been evidences which prove that patients treated with Gamma Knife survive for years.

Advantages of Gamma Knife Surgery

  • More accurate treatment
  • Faster treatment and time

Greater patient comfort

The lesion being treated receives a high dose of radiation with minimum risk to nearby tissue and structures.

  • No anesthesia
  • Surgery without an incision
  • Lower costs than conventional brain surgery
  • Minimal discomfort
  • The ability to resume normal activities sooner
  • The absence of an incision eliminates the risk of hemorrhage and infection.

India has become the most popular destination for gamma knife surgery now owing to low cost of treatment–a fraction of the cost in western countries like UK, USA and Australia. The procedure in India is done by the best and most qualified neurosurgeons at best neurosurgery hospitals. The GBL (Gamma-Butyrolacton) zum Verkauf online patients even from Russia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi are coming to India for brain surgery.