Gojek Clone App Available At Affordable Price With New September 2021 Features

The on-demand Service Industry is increasingly growing. People love the convenience of getting their stuff delivered to their doorstep. The app is categorized mainly into Taxi Booking services, On-Demand delivery services that include food, grocery, pharmacy, parcel/logistics, and other services like handyman services, electrician, babysitters, pet walkers, doctors, lawyers, event organizers, plumbing services, car washing services, sanitization, etc.

If you wish to run an On-Demand Business using Gojek Clone App, several aspects go into Gojek Clone App Development. To expand their existing business using an on-demand app solution you will need an expert’s help. Hiring an app development company will provide you with the Scalable Gojek Clone App.

Buying a 100% Bug-free Gojek Clone Script with the advanced-level September features 2021 can make you stand out from the rest.

New Features Gojek Clone – September 2021 Include

Taxi Booking iWatch App is a newly introduced app for Apple Users. It provides a quick taxi booking facility to the user by tapping on its wrist. The functionality to book a taxi remains the same as Uber.

Restricted driver’s fraud will restrict the driver from marking “arrived” before arriving at the destination. The app maintains complete transparency

Re-assign delivery driver for delivery orders feature allows the admin to re-assign the delivery order if it is not fulfilled. The following reasons apply like when the delivery drivers are not around, the drivers rejected the delivery request or the delivery canceled the order even after sending confirmation.

One Store under several categories

The store can be listed under multiple categories if it is selling multiple things like Food, Groceries, pharmacies, etc. The admin can list it into relevant categories so that they don’t lose out on the customers.

Free delivery promo codes

An app owner can set the promo codes for the specific stores/ all stores. The Free Delivery Promo Code can be turned on/off accordingly.

Advanced rating for Stores/Restaurants and Delivery drivers

This feature allows the users to provide ratings and feedback in a detailed way. It helps in making necessary improvements.

Location wise banners

The feature helps the admin to set the location specifically targeting the users to show homepage banners

Location wise push-notifications

This feature likewise allows the admin to set location-wise push-notification that send mass notifications, alerts, promotional messages to the targeted users

Cookie consent

Cookie Consent Popup alerts the users about the cookies on the website that complies with GDPR & EU Cookie Directive. The admin can disable it from the backend if you don’t need one.

SKU Code

SKU code is added to help Restaurant/Store owners quickly identify the items by keying in the code when the order is received.

Using Firebase

Firebase offers backend services to authenticate users by verifying their cell numbers. You can avoid using expensive 3rd party SMS and save huge.

Apart from the above-mentioned integrating COVID19 Safety features like Face mask verification, Safety checklist, Safety ratings and reviews Contactless deliveries, Safety badges, etc. will be added advantage.

Additionally, having usual features like any 10 Multi-lingual/currencies from the list of the choices including English and USD, Push-notifications, In-app Call/Chat support, Live-tracking, Online multiple payment, etc. will immediately boost your app performance.

In Conclusion

To offer the best to your customers and staying at the top requires giving something unique to your customers. From Taxi Booking to On-Demand Food Delivery to handyman services Gojek Clone seamlessly accommodates 70+ multiple services. Collaborate with the app development company in India that is having years of experience in launching clone app. Read their client feedback and ratings and place the order of an On-Demand Multiservices App like Gojek.

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