Guest Shuts Down Fox Segment by Reminding Hosts That Donald Trump Suggested Drinking Bleach

COVID-19 cases are now dramatically down in all 50 states. As people around the country get vaccinated, states are beginning to lift social distancing and mask mandates. All in all, Joe Biden is way ahead of schedule on his promises made about stopping the pandemic.

Of course, the hosts of Fox News are not willing to give him any credit. Instead, they are focused on how bothered people are about wearing masks. But during a Monday segment, Marjorie Clifton deftly shut down the Biden bashing by reminding the hosts what was going on when Trump was around.

Clifton, who worked in the Obama White House, was asked by Harris Faulkner, “Why can’t this administration get on one message that works?” The guest responded, “Because I don’t think there’s one message that anyone will adopt. Because all of those that said over time we don’t want to have masks anymore now have been given permission to shed their masks and yet they’re critics.”

Later in the spot, Clifton continued, “And the CDC’s policies they put forward is based on science. If you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask. If you aren’t then you should. So that’s science. Yet we’re criticizing that right now.”

Faulkner responded, “You’ve got to tell us the truth. It’s more facts, less policy.” Clifton shot back, “Like drinking bleach.”

Fox may want to convince their viewers that Biden isn’t properly handling the pandemic, but their message isn’t getting across. Voters on both sides of the aisle have given the president high marks for the job he’s doing.

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