Hampta Pass trek: A complete Guidelines


Hampta Pass trek is an uncommon trek route for the new trekkers or experienced trekkers in Himachal Pradesh. Though the Hampta Pass trek is very difficult, it’s an unspoken feeling which you can’t share with anybody. In the early months of May and early June you can see quite a bit of snow in the  valley which makes the trek more interesting.

For anybody in the Himalayas , trekking is massively adventurous and challenging too. If you can, you may experience it with your own eyes. The Hampta Pass is as beautiful as the landscape itself, most of the Lahaul to Kullu. The most interesting  part is that every day the landscape changes. 

The Hampta Pass trek starts through pine forest, and enters the valleys with green scenery. The Lahaul, Spiti, and Chandratal Lake, it’s like an ice cake.

Approximately the whole  Hampta Pass trek takes five days maximum. 

The Hampta Pass trek information:

Location: Manali. 

Altitude: 14100 feet. 

Level: Easy and moderate. 

Time duration: Approximately 3 Nights and 4 Days. 

Total distance: 22 km maximum. 

Day 1 to 4: Manali to Jabra trek to Chikka, Chikka to Balo ka Ghera, Balu ka Ghera to Hampta pass and then return. 

The Hampta Pass Trek’s greatness:

The overhelmed view of the two valleys Kullu and Lahaul makes you have the best feelings ever. And the sight of the Chandratal Lake’s moon view is awesome. 

For this Hampta pass rekkingrekking timetable:

The ampta pass trekking is the suitable for the months of June to August. These two or three months are the perfect for this trekking because the sight of the landscape. You should give your eyesight such a shootingness. Though June, L

July, and August are the months of green and flowers. You can see the most beautiful sight of these passing valleys and Hapmta Pass valley too. 


The total Hampta Pass trek is around 26 km. 

The most difficulties level of this trek:

The trek may seem very difficult and hard but the view will give you the assurance of calmness with the excellent view. This trek will be best for adults. 

Discovered Kullu, Manali, and Lahaul Spiti Valley during the Hapmta Pass trek:

On the Himalaya at the foot of 14707 the Hampta Pass trek is presented. The valleys Pin Pangal, Lahaul, Kullu, and Manali are situated there in Himachal Pradesh. 

During trek the backpack:

Trekking boots, a rucksack or backpack, a rucksack cover (which must be waterproof), a daypack or knapsack, thermal clothing, one pair of underwear, two or three pairs of cotton socks, one pair of woollen socks, gloves, and waterproof gloves are also recommended., t shirt 3 or 4, camp sandal 1 pair, 

woolen cap, sun cap, wide brimmed hat, one walking stick, one pair heavy jacket Or windproof jacket, waterproof clothes, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, chapStick, toothbrush and toothpaste, towel, soap or soap strips, hand sanitizer, tissue roll, antifungal powder, knee cap, torch, head lamp( with extra battery), camera, some dry foods, first aid kit, 

 Direction to reach Hapmta pass trek base camp and route:

The  Hampta Pass trek starts from Manali. And begins via road. The Hampta Pass trek begins from Jabra to Chika. This particular journey passes through maple and pine forest. And there is a Rani river which has a wooden bridge. And then the next stoppage will be Bhalu Ka Ghera while next to the Chika. Once you are done with it you have to move forward for Shea Goru. From the Shea goru the next path will be Chatru. Goodbyes to the Spiti valley and back to Manali. And this is the end of your trekking and camping journey. 

By air:

You should book a flight for Kullu. After that, take a four wheeler for Manali. And you can also book flights for Delhi or Chandigarh. And lastly, take a volvo or a bus to reach Manali.

By road:

You can take a bus Or Volvo ride from Delhi and Chandigarh too. 

By train:

From Chandigarh railway station you can book a cab or shared cab to reach Manali.

You’re highly recommended  for this Hampta Pass trek. Not because of its view but also because a glorious day will be achieved in your daily life. And the whole trip for hikers used to be a classic Himachal trip. But if you are still not satisfied with these and want to get some more treks, then you can visit some of the nearest treks. Like Rohtang Pass Trek and Beas Kund trek. It will be a memorable trek also.


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