High job vacancies in Canada for 2022

The COVID-19 chaos totally changed the prospectus of the labor market industry in Canada. Since the people were restrained to confide in their homes to work in a limited environment, industries like tech and production were affected gravely. The humdrum of things made the job industry in utter chaos during the pandemic. However, one year past the pandemic, things are looking better, and hopefully so is the labor demand in the Canadian industry.

A lot of newcomers who migrate to Canada do so because of better job opportunities and high standard of living. Attaining a permanent residence in Canada opens up doors to various opportunities in the sectors of IT, e-commerce, construction, healthcare and so much more. 

Even before the pandemic, the retail, IT, construction, healthcare, and e-commerce departments needed more labor force in Canada. Now as pandemic ceases and provinces are regaining normalcy, these sectors are in need of professional skilled experts who come to Canada in seek of better career opportunities. Once they work and settle in Canada, they apply for a Canadian PR Visa and make Canada their forever home.

Customer Service

Jobs in the customer service sectors flourished immensely. The need for these professionals became ever so evident in the chaos caused by the pandemic. Customers wanted to either cancel their plans demanding a refund in lieu of the COVID protocols released by the authorities. The companies across various sectors had to set up support helplines that guided customers at the same time, recording calls in 2020 and until now in 2021. Even if the situation has calmed down a bit, the job demand still remains a high priority for customer service representatives especially. Many organizations and businesses have shifted their operations on an online or a digital platform. 

Number of openings: In the whole of Canada there are more than 37,700 positions open while the specific province of Ontario has 19,479 and British Columbia with 9,072 positions respectively.

Demand in areas: Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and Prince Edward Islands.

Transport and Delivery drivers  

The pandemic influenced the restaurants and all retail stores to shift their business online which could be accessible to customers too and the only way to be operational adhering to the COVID safety guidelines. The online platform created a demand for the transport drivers since deliveries were to be made across the country. Truck drivers, lorry drivers, food delivery services, and last-mile delivery became desirable in almost all provinces of Canada. Thus, elevating the demand for delivery drives across Canada.

Number of openings: Recently according to a study, there is a vacancy of more than 5,000 delivery drivers in Canada

Demand in areas:  British Columbia and Ontario

Security Analysts  

Security Analysts are specialists that take care of our safety on the internet. With the pandemic, everybody preferred online transactions with no contact thus reducing the chance of catching the coronavirus. Many of us were ordering things online to maintain social distancing and zero contact protocol. Be it anything, online shopping, work, communicating, entertainment, internet banking, or other things that we carry out digitally there is a chance that we fall prey to online fraud. Thus, this is the exact reason why we need the help of these security analysts’ experts. Cybersecurity is an occupation that shall be in demand for years to come. With the increasing usage of digital platforms, the demand for cyber security experts has also increased not just in Canada but all over the world. The average salary for a security analyst is $97,000 as of 2021 and it is being increased by 7% per annum.

Number of openings: 3,043 vacancies till date.

Areas with high demand: Quebec, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario.

Administrative Assistants  

With the hybrid work culture in the presence of COVID-19, the demand for administrative assistants has been increasing to monitor the work from home and working in office requirements of the employees in a company. This new way of work culture is sure new and takes time to adjust to the massive shift of converting everything on a digital platform is taking a toll on the organization and the companies in the industry. These administrative experts are needed to support the huge transition that has taken place. The departments of HR, legal, health, marketing, operations, and customer service are required more than ever right now. 

Number of positions opened: Including all the Canadian provinces there is a rough estimate of 5,000 administrative assistants in demand.

Areas with a high demand: British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario.

Procurement and Supply chain experts

 Currently, the retail sector is at its peak. With the delivery business almost multiplying for the time being, store network experts are in colossal interest to help keep racks supplied. Any acquirement experts with experience dealing with a store network and systems administration with merchants are pursued experts at this moment. 

Number of positions: There are presently 1,464 open jobs in this sector.

Areas in demand: British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Manitoba.

IT Help and Support Desk

The fast reception of remote work culture has increased and enhanced the requirement for IT support multiplied by ten times. Equipment, VPNs, home organizations, and video conferencing are totally upheld by IT experts.

Number of positions: This figure might spike up quarterly but the number of positions is 6,742.

Areas that have high demand: Manitoba, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

Workers working in warehouses

Along with all the other occupations warehouse workers are in demand in the current scenario. These workers are required on a full-time basis to distribute the products that have been ordered digitally. All over Canada forklift pickers, packers, truck drivers are in demand. 

Number of openings: With over 10,318 openings this profession is the third most demanded occupation in Canada.

Demand in areas: Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and Prince Edward Islands.

Maintenance and cleaners

Post and during pandemic the main aspect of safekeeping oneself and an organization is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. In order to curb the coronavirus workers were required to sanitize surfaces frequently following the COVID norms. They were responsible for keeping both employees, customers and management safe and thus needed a bigger labor force to carry out this work efficiently. 

Number of openings present: Being the second most demanded occupation in Canada, the demand for this job profile was 11,291.

Areas in demand: Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and Prince Edward Islands.

Certified nurses

The Covid-19 pandemic made the presence of these professionals needed more than ever, not just in Canada but across the globe. As the world was hit by a devastating virus, there were a lot of sick people every day and thus resulted in a shortage of these trained professionals to look after the sick and needy. Nurses have been in constant need ever since.

Number of openings: All over the maple country there is a requirement of 8,851 vacancies for nurses. Making it the top 3 in the list of most demanded jobs in the Maple country.

High demand areas: Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and Prince Edward Islands.

Early educational workers  

Guardians, particularly moms, have needed to leave the labor force by the thousand since they couldn’t bear or access youngster care during the pandemic. 

Accordingly, the central government is putting $30 billion in youth schooling throughout the following five years to give guardians reasonable, open, quality childcare. That makes certain to make a blast in positions for youth teachers that will keep on developing as the populace develops. What’s more, its interest is set to build the whole way across the country.

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