Highly Used Types Of Websites You Should Know About

There are billions of websites on the internet but what sets some of them apart is their design and functionality. Some are very simplistic and easy to use, and some have so big of an impact on our lives that we find ourselves spending time on them every day. If you are thinking about designing a website or having professionals create one for you, then being familiar with the popular and in-demand types of websites is gonna help you identify which one better suits your business or endeavour. Here I will go through some of the most used types of websites that many people gravitate towards and you can decide which one is better for you.

1. Ecommerce websites

Put simply, an eCommerce site is an online store that sells products. Some of these shops have physical locations as well and are using their website to expand their reach to get more customers. An eCommerce website allows businesses to have customers from all over the world who are interested in their products. A well-designed eCommerce website should make it easy for visitors to browse through the products, read their details and description and make purchases. To create an eCommerce website you can either use platforms like Shopify or Squarespace that allow easier creation of your website while giving you access to different templates and features or you can try creating it from scratch which will cost a lot more.

2. Blog sites

A blog is a website that features regular articles, also called blog posts. When blogs first started they included more personal and casual content but now things have changed, and many big businesses and brands have their own blogs. Having a blog that is updated with good content can add credibility to your company but before launching one, make sure you have a plan to keep posting content regularly. Not having a blog is better than having one that gets updated once a year. The goal of having a blog is to share content on a specific topic. Not all blogs are the same but most operate for the purpose of lead generation. By consistently posting good and well-written content you can rank your site for certain keywords and that can increase your website’s traffic which may lead to new customers.

3. One-page websites(Landing pages)

Landing pages are one-page websites usually created for marketing campaigns with the goal of encouraging visitors to take a specific action. Experts at Team-X, a digital marketing company that offers some of the best web design services in Australia say that “content on a landing page should be very specific, so avoid putting too many things close to each other, and also use plenty of white space to shift the focus on your CTA”. This will help take the visitor through a journey that can lead to conversions. The saying “less is more” heavily applies to landing pages.

4. Social media sites

There are billions of users on social media with so many platforms to choose from. These days, you can probably find anyone on websites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Even if you are not trying to create a social media website of your own you can still benefit from using the ones that are already out there. Create pages on different platforms for your business and try to maintain some sort of a theme across all your pages. This will help make your brand more distinguishable and more people will recognize it upon coming across your pages. When it comes to creating content for your social media, you should go for things that have the potential of getting shared such as funny videos, memes, free offers or giveaways.

5. Magazine and news websites

Magazine and news sites are similar to blog sites but instead of blogs that include personal opinions they focus on journalism. Over the years these websites have gone from a print-only format to a digital format, usually offered through a subscription system. To get a better idea of their design and layout you can take a look at websites like The New York Times or Fox News. These websites don’t update their design as often since they are more focused on their content than anything else. If you have an informational website then layouts from these types of sites should suit your website very well.


With the insane growth that the internet has had in the past decade, there is no telling where it is going to take us but one thing that’s for certain is that websites are going to be a big part of it. We are probably going to see more changes being done to websites in the future so if you want to become successful in this field, you must stay up-to-date with the trends and all the changes that are happening each year.

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