You Eat Food But Smartphones Will Eat You. Don’t use Smartphone While Eating

When you are finally home after a busy day at work, the first thing you will do is check your smartphone. We cannot resist the sound of notification coming from mobile. Then from going to the restroom to making dinner, we cannot leave our poor smartphone alone. Mainly this has become a habit that people have to use a smartphone while eating, which is not a good one.

Why Should You Avoid Smartphone While Eating

First, people take time to buy out a smartphone; from choosing a color to its features, we take more time buying a smartphone rather than food or clothes. Smartphones have become one of an indispensable part of our life. But as you know, spending too much time on smartphones affects your physical and mental well-being.

Some people might be busy using mobile while eating( but which mustn’t be done) while some people have become habits. People usually say that if they don’t use smartphones while eating, they feel like some flavor is missing from food. This is not true; this is due to addiction and desire to feel entertainment while eating.Some of the effects of a smartphone while eating are:

1. Leads to addiction

One of the problems of using too much mobile is addiction. Craving a mobile phone whenever you are alone is one of the problems of people. Mainly people are multitasking, i.e., using a phone while eating; this behavior is hard to change. This inability to withdraw from their smartphone can spread to other areas of their lives, potentially leading to serious addiction.

For example, If you have a routine of using a cellphone while eating, you may replicate the office’s behavior. You cannot be unprofessional during your office hours, but this addiction might change your image in your work.

2. Lack of interaction

Smartphones have disrupted the physical relationship between loved ones. In past times people used to eat together which created a bond and affection between each other. But today, people sit together to eat, but they are in their world of social media and the internet. I have even seen some people sitting face-to-face but are texting on the internet to communicate while eating.

3. Chewing problems

When you don’t have focus and concentration while eating, you may overlook your chewing problems. Chewing must be adequately done while eating food; otherwise, you may experience biting off your tongue and cheeks, indigestion, gaining weight, stuck food in the throat and many more. People have experienced near-death or even die due to careless eating.

4. Weight gain

Many people complain about their weight gain. If you are not careful in the food eating habits, then you will experience weight gain. When you are busy with a smartphone, your brain will not confirm your satisfaction; thus, you will eat more food, leading to weight gain. Research shows that you need to eat slowly to lose weight, making you full and satisfied.

5. Screen time

Your children and teenagers might pick on the same habit of using a cellphone while eating. A child increasing screen time is not suitable for overall health—more screen time, more distraction on studies, headaches, depression, and eye problems. Children must only use a smartphone maximum for 1-2 hours a day.

How Can  Conscious Food Habit Help?

Researchers believe that conscious eating will help people avoid overeating because it allows them to focus on the food they’re eating, how much they’re eating, and how fast they’re eating. And except that people will be able to enjoy the taste and flavor of the food. Mindful eating helps to gain control of your food habit and enjoy it properly. Let’s know about the benefit of mindful eating:

1. Helps in weight loss

2. Remove the eating disorder

3. Recognizing real hunger and satisfaction

4. Reduce emotional eating habits

5. Develop bonds with family and friends

How Can You Develop A Good Eating Habit?

The concept of mindful eating is straightforward: simply pay attention to your meals. Cautious feeding, as easy as it is, is shockingly complicated. You’ll have to fight the charm and addiction the screens provide — here are a few points you need to remember.

1. First step is always to put your phone away when you are eating. Make it a strict rule that people are not allowed to bring mobile in the dining area. If you want to be resourceful, you can put your mobile on charge during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

2. Only eat dinner in the dining room and kitchen. Don’t eat in a  room where there is television and computer because you will automatically be attracted to entertainment and will not control your habit.

3. Make a habit of slowly chewing while eating because slowly chewing will help digest and fulfil your satisfaction. Although you might feel this technique is time-consuming, the research tells that this reduces weight. You can count the number of times you have chewed the food to forget about mobile and other devices.

4. You can take help from family and friends to help you control your eating behaviour. You can plan and find methods to remove smartphones while eating. Ask them to be strict with you so that you can remove the addiction of using a smartphone while eating. Friends and family are one of the people who helps to motivate you and your habits.

5. Make a delicious and unique meal that will automatically take your interest. You may have noticed when you see delightful food; you will automatically jump into food. If you cook a delicious and tasty meal, you will try to make meals enjoyable rather than mobile. So, cook a variety of your favourite items, which are a greater stimulator than mobile phones.

6. Things that motivates you, such as if you have children in your home. You need to think about how children will be affected by your habit. Children try to copy adults’ behaviour and habits, due to which your child may develop a similar addiction. So, try to be a role model for them and try to control yourself. You are the best motivator of yourself.


People prefer entertainment rather than health. Although they know the outcome of using mobile while eating, they are not able to control it. Try to limit your screen habit because the screen affects eyes, brain and psychology. Everyone feels challenged to control the behaviour, but if you already give up, it will harm you but if you act from now, you will eventually win.

Image source: Canva