How Does Botox Work

One simple solution for all age-related concerns!

Let’s be straight. Fine lines and wrinkles are usual. Everyone has to experience it at some point in their lives. Well, luckily, there’s an injection that cheats the aging process within minutes. BOTOX! Ever since it’s approved by FDA, everyone is obsessed with it, especially ladies.

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Do you know wrinkles are caused by irregular muscle action activity?

Botox simply inhibits that movement of muscle causing wrinkles and leads to a smoother, line-free appearance. Expect the results to last up to 4-5 months or perhaps longer upon receiving post-session at right time.

Botox for wrinkles

So how does Botox work? Even if it’s a wrinkle or a severe migraine this injection works on the same phenomena. Simply put, it prevents the signals from nerves to muscles so that they don’t contract anymore.

Getting Botox needles into the skin takes only a few minutes. You won’t need anesthesia, just a mild pinch and you are good to get back into your daily routine.

In a very rare case, there’s a possibility that Botox may not work for you. It only happens if you aren’t the perfect candidate for Botox or perhaps the injection you received isn’t of a well-brand. Talk to your doctor about what to expect from this injection. They would inform you of the predictable results and other possible alternatives that suit best in your condition.

Some other uses of Botox

Nowadays, Botox isn’t only limited to treat wrinkles. It’s greatly considered in a couple of medical conditions like hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) or migraines. Recently, specialists have been using this injection to slim the facial structures, which is somehow performed by a few clinics currently. Below are some major uses of Botox in Dubai:

  1. Heavy sweating
  2. Migraines
  3. Lazy eyes
  4. Eye twitching

The perfect fit for Botox

The best candidate is always the one who’s overall healthy and fit. Similar is the case with Botox. Considering Botox to treat your fine lines, wrinkles and excessive sweating, or any other problem is only considered effective as long as you are healthy.

Experts say, ideal candidates are the ones who are physically, and psychologically good. Botox shouldn’t be injected if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Discuss it with your doctor before coming to any conclusion.

What to expect during Botox

When you walk into the dermatologist’s office, they begin with assessing your face and recommend the right dosages while asking about your cosmetic goals. They also go through your medical history to check your compatibility with the procedure and expected results.

The injection process begins with applying numbing cream, which is then left for 15 minutes to let the skin go insensible. Once numbed, dermatologists start injecting Botox which merely takes 20 minutes; no longer than this.

Unlike filler, Botox results don’t come immediately. The outcomes may take up to two weeks to appear and you may experience little bruising during this era.

Does Botox feel like I’ve had work done?

Technically Botox begins to work slowly. Improvement in wrinkles is seen within the first week but that’s not artificial to make people wonder what you did with your skin. Simply put, fine lines are ironed out revealing fresh skin.

The process of delivering Botox is delicate. Syringes must be injected into the right place otherwise it could result in infection. Always be sure to get this injection from someone who is licensed, trained, and experienced enough to understand your facial anatomy. It would be helpful if you talk to your doctor about the results of the treatment. Plus, disclose everything about your medical history and all the prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements you intake on daily basis.

Botox may benefit for the lifetime

After the continuous receiving of Botox doses for years, your muscles get used to it and not produces wrinkles as aggressively. Usually within 3-4 months Botox wears off from your face and you will be allowed to make the movement more easily. But if you receive penetrative Botox, there’s the possibility to have wrinkle-free skin for years.

Final Takeaway—how does Botox work?

Ever heard the word “Freeze”? Botox works on the same mechanism. Its regular treatments would freeze your muscle causing and prevent their formation in the future. The truly simple mechanism of this injection and excellent outcomes are the reason why there is so much hype about getting Botox as a penetrative measure.

This cosmetic procedure isn’t meant only for aged people. Today, experts are advising young people even in their early 20s to tackle premature aging. All it depends upon your cosmetic goals and expectations.

The Bottom Line

I hope this post helped you in finding answers to “How does Botox work?” Still, for further inquiries, misconceptions, and doubts, consult the nearest dermatologist.

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