How does pet insurance work and what is its scope?

They care about your protection and safety. Knowing that they count on better dog insurance. In case of a veterinary emergency, without having to touch the family budget, is important. Having insurance for dogs and cats, which guarantees that pets are protect, in case of any health event and that mitigate the economic impact against your finances, is decisive and comforting on an emotional level. We will review how pet insurance works and the main generic plans they offer for the benefit of your animals.

What is its scope?

The offer of the best insurance for dogs and cats. Understanding how they work. The restrictions and protections will allow us to put together a plan. Tailored to the needs of each pet and the real possibilities of the owners.

The prices of the policies vary. According to the species of the animal and the risks associated with the environment in which it operates. In addition to race, age and whether or not they are sterilize are taken into account.

Based on the new National Police Code, in Colombia the owners of pets belonging to dangerous or potentially dangerous breeds. Such as Dobermans or Rottweilers, are oblige to respond for the damages that they may cause to other animals or third-party property. So the demand for pet policies on the rise. It is for this reason that tort liability coverage is one of the main aspects to be consider.

What does dog and cat insurance cover?

Many of the pet policies exclusively cover dogs and cats, although some are gear towards other types of animals. Insurance covers veterinary emergencies, hospitalization and surgeries, supply of medicines and in many cases the funeral of the pet. Perhaps now you are wondering how to acquire funeral insurance for your pet. What is the best insurance for your dog. In general, all insurers have different coverages and variable prices, which make them more or less accessible.

In general, insurance coverage refers to the following events:

  • Home veterinary assistance. Consultations may include unlimited telephone guidance. Consultation at a veterinary clinic chosen by the insured or provided by the insurer.
  • Coverage for accidents, which includes medical expenses, as well as hospitalization and subsequent controls.
  • Coverage of medical expenses for pre-existing illnesses or not. Many insurers do not include pre-existing cases.
  • Transfer of pets to veterinary clinics in cases where it is necessary.
  • Euthanasia service, in cases where the seriousness of the injury or illness is confirm.
  • Medicine supply.

In addition to the basic coverage, you can include additional protections in your insurance. Payment for hospitalizations, studies indicated by the veterinarian and even home health care.
Remember to read the exclusions of your pet insurance. Resolve all your doubts with the agent and keep your policy. In a safe and easily accessible place for any emergency.

Having a pet is a great responsibility, not only emotional, but also financial. Why it is important that you allocate a part of your budget for its daily care.
However, sometimes unexpected expenses arise that take a toll on your wallet, whether it’s a trip to the vet because your pet got hurt running in the park, or accidental damage to property, people, or even another pet.
In situations like these, your only concern should be the well-being of your dog or cat. Therefore, it is best to have pet insurance that protects your best friend. Especially when he is living incredible adventures with you.

As we can see, there are many additional coverages that can be part  of pet policies . The number of additional represents the size of the bond that binds us to them and the final cost that must be cover to guarantee their well-being and safety.