How Social Wall Can Benefit Businesses In Virtual Trade Shows

The wave of the Coronavirus pandemic brought along with it a series of changes and advancements, especially in the field of technology.

It forced brands and businesses to take the virtual route while hosting events.

Virtual events have their own set of advantages, the major one being that it allows brands to host events anytime, on the other side, it allows the users to attend the event without having to travel to the destination and from the comfort of their homes.

However, the distance may be a cause of distraction for your audience and they may feel less connected and engaged throughout the event which can be a big hindrance for your event.

In this blog, we shall be telling you about a tool that works like magic along with the digital screens and can work effectively to help in boosting your audience’s engagement and interest. A social wall can help you in keeping your audience hooked throughout the event.

If you are clueless about the functioning of a social wall, then keep reading as you will explore the multiple benefits of a social wall and why you should incorporate it in your next virtual trade show.

Let’s get started!

What Is a Social Wall?

In simple terms, a social wall is a collection of live aggregated feeds and displayed in a unified presentation on digital signage.

The content is aggregated from all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

What Is a Social Wall?

The content can be aggregated by selecting the connection type like hashtags, mentions, particular handles, etc and the content gets automatically refreshed and the users do not need

to manually update the content every time.

Social walls have proven to be extremely engaging and work well at all kinds of events including virtual trade shows, corporate events, product launches, weddings, conferences, etc.

All you need to do is place it strategically and it can do wonders for your event’s engagement.

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Benefits For Social Walls For Virtual Trade Shows

●    A Chance To Display User-Generated Content

A social wall gives you a chance to showcase the content created by your users that works exceedingly well to garner the engagement and attention of your virtual audience.

You can conduct an activity by requesting your audience to post content on their social media handles. The content can be around the events or a contest hosted by you.

You can collect the content using a social media aggregation tool and display it in the form of a social wall on digital signage.

The audience will be happy to see their content being featured on digital signage due to its active and vibrant presence.

The other members of the audience will also be excited and convinced to participate in the activity which will in return lead to an increase in the engagement of your audience.

●    Escalates Audience Engagement

Being an interactive tool, a social wall works extremely well to increase the engagement level of the audience.

The aforementioned activity will result in lively engagement within the audience.

The engagement of your audience speaks volumes about the success of your event. If your audience is less engaged, your event will get monotonous and boring and you will end up seeing your audience yawning or browsing other websites midway through the event.

Your audience can be the biggest marketers for your brand. All you require to do is shift the limelight on them and you will definitely see your engagement grow.

●    Shoutout To The Sponsors

Your sponsors are the backbone of your event. The event is possible only because of their support. Hence, it becomes your moral imperative to acknowledge them during the event.

Using a responsive social media aggregation platform, you can create a custom post for your sponsors seamlessly in a few clicks.

You can display those posts in the form of a ticker on the social wall. Such content when displayed on digital signage will amplify the marketing efforts of your sponsors and make the environment more interactive and lively.

●    Generate More ROI

Brands often struggle to increase their return on investment and make extra efforts to get their desired sales and revenues.

Incorporating a social wall during the virtual trade show increases the engagement level of the audience which further increases the interest of the audience in the brand and its products which leads to a higher chance of purchasing products.

Moreover, displaying other details like promotional deals, limited-time discounts or endorsements can give your customers the much-required push to give a boost to the conversions and generate more ROI.

Closing Note

We have reached the conclusion section of this blog and we are certain that you also must be now convinced to incorporate a social wall in your next event.

Conducting virtual trade shows can be a tedious task and having the correct tool to keep the audience hooked throughout the event is much required.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and significance of social walls in virtual trade shows, get going and incorporate them into your next events!

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