How to Add AOL Mail to iPhone Using PC or MAC

If you are wondering how to add AOL email to iphone, then this article will show you how to do it. The AOL instant messaging software has been around for years, but for some companies, it is still a great option to use for business communications. Now, you can use your iPhone to send and receive Aol Instant messages from anywhere. If you have not checked out this particular feature of your iPhone, then now is the time to do so. There are many advantages of having this installed into your phone.

Steps to Add AOL Mail to iPhone

To set up your iPhone, first you need to go into the iPhone’s Settings. Scroll down to General and tap Mail. When you get to the section labeled “Mail”, tap Add Account. In the drop down menu, tap Add Aol Mail and follow the onscreen instructions. Once you complete the set up process, you will be able to log in to your Aol email account from your iPhone by clicking on the Mail icon in the main menu. It should say “AOL” in the drop down menu next to the globe image.

Next, you have to open your Aol email account on your computer, just like you normally do. Then you need to go into your computer’s Safari browser and go to Settings. Again, tap on General and then tap on Add Account. On the following screen, you should see the option for setting up your iPhone with a new service provider. You should choose any email account you’d like to use with the service, but make sure that your computer is ready for the setup process.

If you have an iPhone with a pop3 enabled pop up window, you’ll know that your iPhone is ready for setup. Otherwise, you may need to wait until your computer is ready. When your computer is ready, you’ll see a window with three options. If you have a regular iPhone or if it is an AT&T iPhone, the iPhone icon will be grayed out. If you have a Verizon iPhone, the icon will be grayed out as well.

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Tap the “iPhone” icon. A menu will appear. If you’re using a regular iPhone, you’ll need to tap” Setup Settings” and then follow the onscreen instructions. However, if you have an AT&T iPhone, you’ll need to setup the “mail server.”

With your iPhone ready to go, you’ll simply need to touch an icon called “Settings.” Once the “Settings” window appears, scroll through the left pane of the screen. In the left pane of your screen, tap the option titled “mail server.” After you’ve selected the option to activate the server, a pop up window will appear.

Tap the “Add” button. A pop up will appear. Tap the “Certificates and Mailing Lists” link. After you have completed logging in to your iphone, you’ll need to tap the “Add Email Settings.” The same steps apply if you’re trying to set up a regular or virtual email account.

When you are done setting up your new phone, you’ll see the “Settings” app, which will look like the Settings app on a PC or Mac. Tap the clock in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to bring up the settings page. The “Settings” app lets you change a few basic options, such as whether your iphone should automatically display your incoming mail. It also allows you to select whether you want your email to be accessible from both your mobile phone and your computer or only from your computer.

If you’d rather use your PC as your primary email account and you don’t need any additional mail settings for your iPhone, you can do so by selecting “Manage Mail.” To setup your iPhone as a secondary email account, tap the “emails” link. Your current account will be listed here. You can then create a new user account and add mail from your PC.

When you set up Aol, you’ll probably run into some problems because Aol’s email service doesn’t work very well on older PCs. In order to solve these problems, you’ll need to update your PC or MAC’s operating system to the latest version. If you’re not sure how to do this, follow the instructions provided by Microsoft. The update will replace your existing pop3 server with the Aol server.

Bottom Line

In addition, if you try to add AOL Mail App to iPhone by tapping “Add Email,” the system will display an error message. This is a normal occurrence and means that you need to restart the computer or MAC to make any changes. When you do restart, the settings for your iPhone will automatically be updated to use the Aol server settings. Once this is done, you should be able to tap Add Aol mail to iPhone and use your old email account, if you prefer.

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