How to choose fashionable sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only to beautify yourself but also a companion to protect your daily eye health from objective factors such as dust, dust, UV light, etc. To be able to buy a pair of fashionable sunglasses If beauty meets safety standards, there are still many difficulties because now there are many poor-quality products of unknown origin being sold everywhere. This is one of the causes of eye diseases such as farsightedness, cataracts. These are important criteria to help you buy beautiful glasses that are safe for your health. You can refer Jade Black Review – Luxury glasses at an affordable price.

UV filter index

When you want to equip yourself with a beautiful pair of standard fashion glasses, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the UV filter index. This filter layer has the function of eliminating ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to the health of the eyes. Furthermore, if you are often exposed to bright sunlight, sunglasses with built-in polarized lenses are also a smart choice, helping you to drive safely, without eye strain due to glare from your face. completely blocked by the filter of polarized sunglasses.

Technical requirements

In addition, you should stay away from the use of glasses that do not meet the basic technical requirements, this type of glasses has the risk of causing users to have headaches or dizziness. These are illegal branded blinkers, the main purpose is profit, not according to a certain quality standard. A pair of good quality brand-name glasses will usually have a light but sturdy frame, a polished finish that won’t scratch, a nose mite that can adjust itself, when worn it won’t slip on the bridge of the nose. Quality glasses will give you a comfortable feeling for both ears, eyes, nose as well as be in harmony with your face.

The provenance is clear

Genuine Escada high-end women’s glasses with BCA price stamp on the shank

In order to create favorable conditions for customers, genuine glass distribution companies all apply barcode stamps along with anti-counterfeiting stamps provided by BCA that are affixed on the glasses. Each pair of glasses sold will be accompanied by a genuine warranty card. On the front is the logo along with the name of the company that exclusively distributes the brand of glasses. The back of the card is a Barcode containing the glass code number that matches the code engraved on the glass. These glasses have been applied to advanced production technologies as well as gone through a lot of strict quality and safety checks before being put on the market to consumers.

Choose sunglasses according to your face

After determining your face shape: heart face, round, oval, square, or rectangular, follow the instructions below to choose the glasses style that best suits your face.

Heart-shaped face: choose square glasses, cat-eye glasses, or sports glasses that hug your face.

Round face: suitable for square, cat-eye, or rectangular glasses.

Oval face: suitable for square glasses, teardrop glasses such as aviator glasses, or oversized eyeglasses.

Square face: suitable for round eyes, teardrop glasses, or seamless glasses.

The above information is for reference only to orient the appropriate type, there are many other factors such as glasses size, lens color .., you need to try glasses at the shop to choose a nice pair of fashion sunglasses. and best with the face.

Choose sunglasses by lens feature

Polarized lenses

Polarized sunglasses have more features than normal lenses because they are equipped with a glare filter. In addition to the feature of anti-UV light, it can also filter horizontally polarized light rays reflected from flat objects, glasses wearers will feel comfortable, without glare or eye strain. This type of glass is very suitable for those of you who often drive on the road or on occasions of fishing, sea travel because it brings true sharp images, helping you to fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mirrored lenses

Mirrored glasses have the same appearance as regular sunglasses, the outstanding point is that the surface of the lens is coated with a mirrored layer like a mirror. This mirrored coating contributes to blocking an additional 20-50% of the amount of light entering the eyes, so UV protection is better than other common glasses. This is a type of glasses for women who want to create more charm of the face or hot girls who want to have an attractive fashion personality in the crowd.

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