How to Choose the Best Hoverboards for Child

How to Choose the Best Hoverboards for Child. Hoverboards For Children are rapidly earning favor as next-generation autos. Unlike foot scooters with handlebars, it is controlled solely by moving your weight, also called a “mini Segway.” Many manufacturers, including Intone, have entered the market, but there are various designs and functionalities. So you may feel lost when you want to buy it.

Therefore, this time, we will present recommended popular models in a ranking format along with how to choose Hoverboards for kids. Why don’t you find a stylish, easy-to-operate car and enjoy the unique driving comfort? The fun thing about the Hoverboard is that you can enjoy the unique feeling of floating. And the futuristic feeling of moving just by changing your weight.

It is quite fast and has a refreshing feeling. Unlike a skateboard, you can’t do tricks like bounce or jump because the main body is heavy, but it is an item you can enjoy riding. Some people may worry about whether they can ride it even if they have no sense of exercise. But it doesn’t require any special skills, and even children can handle it, so if you have one, the whole family should be able to ride it.

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How to Choose a Hoverboard?

Check if it is PSE certified in Japan and UL-approved if it is a foreign product. Both are diplomae in the safety of electrical devices, and we do not recommend products that do not have either of these diplomae.

A product without a warranty can not only stop working but can even cause a fire or explosion. There have been several fires abroad due to uncertified hoverboards. So first of all, ensure that the product meets safety standards.

Is it Genuine? It Can Even be Fake!

The Hoverboards For Kids is a vehicle of a new era, following the trend of the stand-up scooter that caused a huge boom. There are plenty of substandard and counterfeit products on the market to ride this wave, so be careful! If you are concerned, please buy it from a reliable store in Japan as much as possible.

If you can buy it from the official website, you can also buy it there. If you buy online, read product reviews and the store itself to ensure it’s a trustworthy store.

If it Breaks, Will You Fix it? What is Your Guarantee?

Many Hoverboards have a warranty period, and not just initial defects. But some manufacturers will repair them cheaply or cover battery replacement. Be sure to check the warranty period before purchasing. As there is a possibility that there may be a problem with the battery or drive system due to initial defects.

Some products have a short warranty of six months, and others have an extended warranty of two to three years. Even the best-known manufacturers cannot guarantee that their products are 100% free of initial defects, so this is surprisingly important.

Take Your Time with Top Speed. It’s Okay

Balance Scooter is a vehicle, so many people are concerned about top speed. However, the top speed is around 10-12 km/h, which only changes a little for any product. It’s a bit slower than a shop bike and about half as fast as a road bike. So you might think it’s slow. However, being in a vehicle without a seat or steering wheel at 10 km/h is scary, and it is more than enough. Prioritize security over speed.

If You Want to Play Outdoors, a Waterproof Function is a Must!

If it is possible to run at the water’s edge or in a puddle. Choose a product with a waterproof function. In addition. The level of waterproof function varies by product, so please check the IP notation carefully even if you do not receive water while driving. Washing and maintenance are easy if it has a waterproof function. If it is possible to run on the ground. It is recommended to have a waterproof function even if you are not at the water’s edge.

IP5 or higher is recommended for waterproofing. IP5 indicates that it can withstand direct water splashes from all directions. If it is IP4, it is about splashing water. If it’s IP3 or less, it’s not omnidirectional, so I’m concerned about outdoor use. By the way, IP7 or higher is acceptable for immersion, but there are almost no IP7 products. Therefore, even when washing a car, it is strictly prohibited to spend it by immersing it in water.

The ability to climb hills? Most products can climb a gentle slope, but if there are a lot of steep slopes you want to play on. A model with some climbing power is better. The minimum temperature is 15 degrees, and the maximum is 30 degrees. So if you play in a quiet park or indoors, you don’t have to worry about that.

Check the Length

The charging time completely depends on the product, which is also surprisingly important. Some products work in 1-2 hours, while others need 3-4 hours, so I want to refresh and ride immediately! If you are feeling about it, choose a sample with a fast charging speed.