How To Draw A Heart With Wings

How To Draw A Heart With Wings. Heart designs have been synonymous with feelings of love and affection for many years and are a globally recognized symbol. There are many ways to take it even further, and adding wings to the heart is a great way to represent the fluttering feeling of love. Learning to remove a spirit with wings can live a wonderful way to show passion and affection to someone amazing!

By the end of this guide, you’ll be on your way to doing it, and you’ll know how to do it. We hope you enjoy going through this step-by-step guide to drawing a heart with wings! You can draw many more characters like house drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

For the first step in our guide on how to draw a heart with wings, we’ll start with the heart itself. We’ve all seen thousands of heart shapes, but drawing even a simple one can be tricky! Therefore, use a pencil because you will get the correct shape. Once you are happy with this heart shape, you can add the wings in the next steps!

Step 2:

When we draw the wings in this picture, we draw them section by section as we build them. For this first section, you’ll draw a long, thin shape directly along the sides of the heart. These shapes will have sharp, rounded points at the top. You can then complete this step by adding feather details to the shape you drew. These sections will include many smaller, sharper shapes than the one you drew. So you are ready to move on to step 3!

Step 3:

As mentioned in this guide, the easiest way to draw wings like this is to slow down and do it section by section. For this reason, we will continue to build on feathers. We will draw more feather details like the ones you added in the previous step. These small individual shapes will be longer than the ones you just drew, which will help lengthen the wings nicely.

Step 4:

In this fourth step of drawing your heart with wings, we will finish the structure of the wings before adding some final details in the next step. To do this, add another layer of the shapes you drew in the previous two steps. These will also be longer than the other rows, which should be the longest. Then all the structural details of the wings will be finished, and in the next step, we can focus on finishing the final touches in step 5.

Step 5:

As promised, this step in our guide to drawing a heart with wings will be to add the final details and touches to your image. Most of these details will be straightforward. You need to add a few small lines to the various shapes you used to build the wing structure in the previous steps. Some will be slightly curved, and some will be small and straight, depending on their position on the fenders.

This will complete the final details, but before moving on to the final step, you should add a few details of your own! These could include enlarging the wings, adding patterns to the shape of the heart, or even changing the shape of the central heart. You can also draw a background or add text to make it a card for someone you love. These are just a few ideas you could use, but we can’t wait to see what else you come up with for this cute design!

Step 6:

This sixth and final step of pulling your seat with wings allows you to add amazing shades to your painting. In our reference image, we chose pretty reds for the heart while using pretty blues and greys for the wings. However, these colours are only a suggestion! There are so many funky colours you can use to finish this image, and feel free to use any funky colours you like.

You can use all your favourite colours and give each little wing shape a different colour for an idea. Then, once you know what colours to use, you can play around with your favourite art mediums. Coloured pens or pencils work well for this picture as there are smaller shapes to colour in, but whatever you use will look great!

Finished Drawing!