How to Fix Firestick Not Working?

Amazon Firestick is an amazing & most reliable device that is fully stuffed with unlimited entertainment material and you can stream any program to watch whenever you desire.

Nonetheless, a lot of TV shows, media, and streaming devices are in the fray, but Amazon firestick has gained huge popularity among all.

It is a unique gadget without any moving parts which makes it more durable and invulnerable.

You have now switched on your amazon firestick to watch your desired sports or whatever that you wish to watch at your desired time, but the firestick not working.

What can do to fix the issue?

Well! This guide will help you to resolve the issue of my firestick is not working.

Why My Fire Stick Is Not Working

With a lot of impressive games, Amazon’s Luna game streaming on amazon firestick is the most popular and is fully stuffed with all the fun and games.

Before moving to fix the issue, we need to take a look at the possible cause of why isn’t my firestick working.

  • Sometimes, your TV stick is showing a loading screen for a long time, it may take as long as 10 minutes, this is the symptom of the firestick not working
  • There may be an issue with the remote either battery is dead or not paired properly.
  • Your TV may not be compatible with the Amazon Firestick. 
  • Sometimes the device has some issues with itself.
  • The issue may be due to the HDMI port or extension cable, then you may see a black screen instead.
  • Amazon firestick glitch is due to an unresponsive app or the app may get crash on your device continuously. 
  • Another big cause is your internet connectivity.

These are some common issues that one can face when an amazon fire stick won’t work.

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How to Fix Firestick Not Working Issues

Once, you know the cause then it is pretty easy to resolve the issues my firestick stopped working. Proceed to know how the issues can be resolved.

1. Amazon Fire  TV Stick is Installed Properly

First, you need to make sure that Amazon firestick is installed properly. For setting up Amazon Firestick in your device, you can use a power adaptor and a wall power outlet to stay connected to TV’s USB port. Avoid using a spare port as it can not work properly.

2. Check Remote Control

Before moving to another step, you have to check the batteries of the Remote control whether it is dead or functioning properly. Sometimes a dead battery or unresponsive remote may hinder Amazon Firestick to work. Changing a new battery to your remote control may resolve the issue of the amazon firestick won’t work.

It is the most common, simplest, and quickest way to fix the issue while you are on the go to watch your favorite TV shows and much more.

3. Reboot Amazon Firestick again.

The device is designed very well and easy to install that can be viewed by plugging in any port. Sometimes just restarting your device may resolve smaller bugs in the Amazon fire stick device. You need to go to “Settings” > “My Fire TV” > “Restart”  > and then click “OK”, Your device will get restarting.

On the other hand, if your device is unable to open “Settings”, then you have to hold the “Play/Pause” button of the remote control for a few seconds and your device gets started again.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

My firestick stopped working, this may occur when your internet connection may have some connectivity or any other issues, So, make sure your internet connection is running properly. 

For this go to “Settings” > “Network” button, if your wifi connection has very good network strength, then it is good to move for another way to fix the issue, But, if the signal is low, then the video quality may be affected due to slow internet connection.

You can use a trick and keep the router and firestick near to each other, then fire stick starts opening properly.

5. Update the Amazon Fire Stick Software

Not all the time there is a problem with the device but also there may be issues due to an obsolete version of the software. You need to update the latest version of Amazon firestick software to function properly from the inner side of the firestick. 

Update it manually by just Going to “Settings” > My fire TV > Check for Updates

These are some proven ways to get rid of the firestick not working issue, must try them before moving to the technician.

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