How to improve your work-from-home mindset

If you’re like me, you’ve been obsessed with Pinterest for years. Learn How to improve your work-from-home mindset.

I mean, it’s the perfect way to organize and share all of your favorite things — from travel tips to fashion inspiration and home decor.

But lately, I’ve seen many brands using this platform as a tool for selling their products. And let me tell you: it works!

In fact, by using Pinterest properly (and being creative), my company was able to bring in more than $3 million in sales last year.

Set up a business account.

The first step to getting sales is to set up a business account and use that instead of your personal one. When you create a Pinterest account, it automatically sets you up with a personal account.

When you want to start making money on Pinterest, however, you need to switch over and use a business account instead.

Setting up an official business page for your brand isn’t difficult: just go into your profile settings under “account” and select the “business” option from there.

You’ll be prompted through some basic steps like adding information about your company (name, address).

Uploading an image of your logo or brand identity and choosing titles like CEO or President if applicable (if not then leave it at General Manager).

Once all the details have been filled out correctly click “claim my page.” One of the ways How to improve your work-from-home mindset.


This will take some time but once everything has been verified.

By Pinterest’s internal servers then congratulations! Your new business page is ready for action!

The benefits of having an official company presence on social media are twofold.

Firstly businesses often appear more trustworthy. When customers see them operating under their own name.

Rather than being associated with something vague like “a blogger” or “a website owner”.

Secondly consumers feel more comfortable buying from someone. Whose real identity they know rather than some anonymous person behind an avatar or username

Use the right keywords.

The first thing to remember when using keywords on Pinterest is to be smart. One of the ways How to improve your work-from-home mindset.

You can use the keyword tool on Google or Bing to find out what terms people are searching for, and then use those terms in your pins.

The problem with this technique is that it requires you to get into the mind of your customers and think like them.


Instead, try using keywords that describe your products or brand and focus on what you know — not what other people want or need.

If you run a law firm, don’t start thinking about how many people search “criminal lawyer”.

When they’re looking for legal help online (which they do). Instead, consider using phrases like “criminal defense attorney,” “defense attorney,” or even just “attorney” instead.

This way, potential clients will see your content as soon as they start typing out. Their searches in Google or Bing’s search bar without having to put too much thought into it beforehand!


The point isn’t just getting more traffic; it’s increasing sales!

That’s why focusing on relevant subject matter will benefit both parties involved.

You’ll get more traffic from those who are actually interested in making purchases from those kinds of services.

While also seeing an increase in sales because those same individuals might become customers themselves someday soon enough here soon enough…

Make great visuals.

Great visuals are the key to getting sales on Pinterest. Your images should be clear, easy to read and high-quality.

The size of your image matters too—you don’t want it so small that people can’t see what you’re trying to sell.

But you also don’t want it so big that there’s no room for other pins on your board.

Make sure you use a variety of visual types—people love seeing photos of their target audience.

Engaging with products or services in real life, but they also respond well to videos and infographics.


Don’t forget about animated GIFs, which are great for showing off product features or how-to guides!

You can even use text posts as long as you make them interesting.

By adding photos or graphics that support them (or making them more creative).

Finally: add a call-to-action! Even if someone likes what they see enough not to need one (which we hope is always the case).

Having one will make sure they click through immediately instead of spending time browsing around your site.

Looking at other things first before coming back later when they might have forgotten what interested them initially.”

Keep selling outside of Pinterest.

While Pinterest is a great place to generate sales and help you find customers, it’s not the only place. Don’t just rely on Pinterest for all of your business.

Use Pinterest as a way to drive traffic to your website and engage with your audience, but don’t forget about other avenues like email marketing or Facebook ads.

You can also use Pinterest to promote your brand by sharing posts from other people in the industry that you believe will be useful for those who follow you.

In this way, you’re building relationships with other brands in the space so that if someone clicks through from one of those posts.

Important point

And ends up buying something from you later on their path through an online store will already be familiar with who you are and what value proposition you offer

  • Pinterest is an amazing tool for creating sales, but you need to know how to use it correctly!
  • Another one is Pinterest is a social media platform where people can share ideas, products, and interests.

This makes it an excellent place for anyone who wants to build their brand and increase sales.

You can use Pinterest in several ways to achieve your goals:

  • Pinning content from other websites
  • Creating your own original pins with links back to your website
  • Commenting on other people’s pins
  • There are two main ways that you can use Pinterest as a marketing tool:

Create individualized boards that represent the various services or products you sell (or might want to sell), then pin images of these services/products onto those boards.

If someone clicks through one of those pins and becomes interested in what you offer.

They’ll be able to click again directly through the image at the bottom of each post.

Which will take them right back into where they came from on their computer screen once.

Before visiting us this time around so there won’t ever be any confusion about where things might lead us next time around either.


Just look below each post here at my page. Where I’ve put all sorts of different images up together (with links back into our store(s))

So everyone knows exactly what kind of things we offer here locally too. Like electronics repair shops do every day all across America!

But no matter where we live geographically speaking though; there’s always going beyond just one single place alone as well.

For instance: we could also potentially reach out toward other countries. Outside our own borders too; maybe even expand ourselves internationally.”


So, Pinterest is an amazing tool for creating sales. However, you need to know how to use it correctly!

If you are looking for some tips on how to do this. Then check out our post on how to get sales using your Pinterest account.